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  1. First, the timing of breeding dogs
    New puppies usually need 24 hours of care and care. So in some special cases, it is inappropriate to raise a puppy because it may affect you, even the family's sleep and schedule. Therefore, before welcome the arrival of a new life, we must have some understanding of something, so as to be psychologically prepared.
    The timing of not raising dogs includes:
    1. Just moved to a new environment.
    2. School start time.
    3. Just changed a job.
    4. There is also a newborn baby at home.
    The main reason is that if the time arrangement is not sufficient enough, it is easy to neglect the care of new dogs. In addition, pay special attention not to give puppies as gifts casually to friends and relatives, unless you fully consider the various problems (such as money, time, and feelings) faced by puppies in advance with friends and relatives.
    It needs to fully communicate with all members of the family, and ask relatives and friends who have experience in dog breeding and the expenses required to make Bai Ji more convinced whether raising dogs is suitable at this time.

    . The advantages and disadvantages of pure breed dogs and mixed dogs
    The people will have a question when deciding to raise dogs: Is it better to be pure or mixed? In fact, whether it is a pure variety or a mixed variety, it has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    1. The pros and cons of pure dogs
    : It can predict the physical form after adulthood. So when puppies, you can know its future body shape, color, hair length, and even personality.
    The is not enough: The diseases of some purebred dogs are easy to develop. Through statistical surveys, you can know the common diseases of pure breed dogs you want to raise. For example, puppies are common in hydrophilic disease. Golden retriever and Labrador are common is hip joint disease and so on.
    2. The advantages and disadvantages of mixed dogs
    The benefits: some of the diseases suffered from purebred dogs can also be found on some mixed -seed dogs, but the probability of pathological is relatively low.
    In disadvantages: You cannot predict the body shape after adulthood, because it is usually difficult to see the mother and father of puppies. Therefore, the puppies' future body shape, hair, and even personality are more difficult to understand. Condition.

    . What channels can buy dogs
    The people who want to raise dogs, in addition to buying dogs from the pet store, there are actually other channels to choose from.
    1. Livestock Access Center
    The animal shelters or humanitarian organizations are intermediary agencies that reserve abandoned babies or stray animals. The main purpose is to help these pet dogs look for families that can get care. Due to the limited space of the containment, it is usually euthanasia to be euthanized by the government -organized animal containment center for a period of time.
    The containment center will also have a lot of healthy and pure dogs, so those who want to raise dogs can also consider adopting dogs from the Animal Access Center.
    2. Buy dogs on the Internet or advertisements
    It when buying puppy on the Internet and advertisements, you need to be careful, because the risk of this transaction method is usually relatively high. If you really like to see dogs, it is recommended not just look at the appearance of puppies to decide whether to buy it. You should consider the appearance, body shape and personality of the puppy mother and father. Because it is difficult to understand its future body shape, appearance, and personality from the newborn puppy, this is also the reason for many arguments.
    It, you should also ask the puppy's owner if there is an animal doctor's examination and diagnostic information. If the puppy is particularly thin and the appearance of the hair is poor, you should also ask about the diet of life, and be careful when taking care of it. Essence

    3. Pet shop
    The source of dogs from pet shops can be obtained from private or professional breeding grounds. Therefore, you usually do not understand the appearance, body shape and personality of dog parents. If you do n’t know your previous health status, the shape of the puppies may have a big gap with the expectations in their hearts.
    4. A reputable breeding base
    In general, the breeding farm can provide higher -quality dogs, regardless of the health status of dogs or varieties of stability. When buying puppies at the breeding ground, they can usually see their parents, and reputable breeders can ensure their health.
    This reminder: Click "Precautions for Novice Raise Dogs" to learn more about dog breeding.

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