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  1. Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings, but they still know very little about the origin of dogs. The following is 5 puppies I have brought to you. Welcome everyone to read for reference. Let ’s take a look!
    The puppy composition 1
    With a pair of watery eyes, a black and small nose, and a thin and short tail. Its temper is sometimes gentle, and sometimes very fierce.
    When it was hungry, I took a chili to eat it. It thought it was a piece of meat, and I ate the peppers, and stared at me at my eyes. Eat two big bones a day.
    It was very naughty when it was full of full moon. Its legs and feet were not unstable and it started to naughty. Can't catch up with cats. It only knows to play a day, unlike the original dog watching dogs, as long as there are strange people or animals passing by, they will bark and even go up to fight before they are willing to stop.
    This will roll on the grass when it is tired, as if it is tickling for yourself.
    Today I took it to the park and encountered many cute puppies. When they saw those cute puppies, they kept fighting and fighting with other larger dogs. I called it, and it ignored it. Essence I'm really angry.
    We when we eat, we are filled with what it likes to eat in the puppy's rice bowl first. When I go to bed at night, I have to get up and see if the puppy sleeps. If I see it cold, I will cover it with a quilt. When I can't find the quilt, I will be particularly anxious. I feel that I don’t care enough it. When I didn't see the puppy in the morning, I thought I lost it, and I would be anxiously looking for it. When I found it, I would take it to take a walk. I think it's too tired, I will take it back, and then give it delicious. I gave it meat and soup to drink, and took care of it meticulous. It is more than a puppy, but a good friend of mine.
    The puppy does not make me worry about it?
    This puppy composition 2
    . It is really cute.
    The white hairs, small ears of the triangle, and the tail that dumped, it was really loved.
    . It is very cute, so I gave it a name ‘cocoa’. Whenever I get home from school, cocoa will rush out at once, rub and go back and forth between my feet, and even rush towards me, asking me to hold, as if I am saying, "Little master, I have been waiting for you for a long time for a long time for a long time You finally come back. "
    Co Ke is also very greedy. It is always next to me when eating, because it knows that I have a delicious one to share it for it. That day, I was sitting in front of the dining table to eat chicken, pork ribs, and cabbage. I always feel that a furry little guy is behind, looking back, it turns out to be cocoa! It squatted obediently and looked at me with poor eyes. It seems to be saying, "I want to eat too, give me a little bit." See it so cute, give it, I deliberately teases it to hold a piece of chicken high, but I can jump up with my feet, open my mouth to bite to bite The chicken in my hand. I was so frightened that the chicken smashed it on its face. It was not angry, but licked my mouth, found the chicken beautifully, and made a sound of ‘da” in his mouth.
    is sometimes naughty. Once, I was writing my homework seriously, and Coco suddenly ran over to put the two 'little hands' on my chair and stood up and yelled. I was startled me, I 'Ah! ‘I quickly jumped to the bed next to it. I saw it, it turned out to be this naughty little guy!
    In one day I came back from school, but I didn't come out to welcome me as usual. Why is this? I hurried to ask my mother, and my mother said, "I don't know, I might go out and play." But at night, I still didn't see Coco. My mother took me near home for one night and didn't see Coco. I thought it was bad, and cocoa was probably lost, and I couldn't help but stay in tears. One day, two days, three days ... still found no cocoa. I came back from school many times. I saw that there was a white puppy outside the window, but I knew it was not Coco. I miss you so much, where are you!
    Cute puppy -‘Coco’, although you are gone, but the happiness you bring to me will always be fixed in my mind.
    The puppy composition 3
    This Doudou is very cute. Its nose is brown, like a piece of "small cream" that is about to melt. cotton.
    Once, my mother bought a treadmill and passed it to the room and left. Doudou stared straight at the treadmill. I knew it most in the world. I became a "tapeworm" in its stomach. Sure enough, I didn't expect it. After a while, it turned my head and called me a few times to me, as if I was saying, "Little master, I want to play that big thing, don't forget that I am the first little little little little in the world Dog! "I secretly said in my heart:" Doudou, you are really arrogant, you can also say that you are naughty. When you play badly, see how I make you make a flesh burger. I sighed gently, squinting and opening the switch. I patted my head and yelled angrily, ah! Doudou also screamed Wang Wang! Call! "I made a gesture of" please ". It seemed to understand what I meant, and quickly ran to the treadmill. I saw its calf running" ", stretched out his tongue, and sometimes emitted" Wang Wang ". The sound of the sound of "时” "sometimes made me very powerful. I looked at its funny look, and couldn't help laughing. I had thrown it out of the clouds that I was afraid of the bean to break the machine. I don't understand why I laugh, so I tilted my head, as if saying, "What are you laughing? "So my laughter is even louder, and Doudou is even more powerful.
    To Doudou's favorite thing is to play! You have to play with me at least 3 times a day. It ’s what you throw ball, hiding cats, wooden people ... it will also walk upright like humans.
    The second hobby is to eat! Which dog you have seen does not like meat and bones? No! But, my Doudou is only a "alternative dog" and only likes to eat "dog biscuits". Because of this matter, I always have helplessness. A dumb and cute puppy!
    The puppy composition 4
    Thien my grandfather's bitch gave birth to two puppies.
    The puppy looks very beautiful. I like it when I see it. There is a puppy's white body, like wearing a white coat, a pointed paw, and a seal of plums like a small foot on the cement floor; its eyes are like black crystals sparkling. Liang.
    This puppy is very cute when eating. I throw it to a bone, and it immediately picked it up in my mouth. It took a long time and didn't finish it.只好给了它一根火腿肠。rn 小狗很可爱,可是也很淘气。有一次我看到小狗在追着小鸡跑呢!小鸡跑远了,它就停下来,小As soon as the chicken looked back, it chased again! No wonder I often saw that the chicken was tired and panting. It turned out that this naughty ghost was taking the chicken to make fun! I came in front of it angrily and said it a few words. Running, he lowered his head, seemed to say, "Little master, forgive me! I dare not dare next time. "I watched it, so I had to forgive it. The puppy saw me forgive it, and called a few times" Wang Wang ", as if saying," Thank the little master, thank you the little master! " "From then on, it has never chased other weak animals.
    Since then, I have loved it even more!
    The puppy composition 5
    It is white, so my sister and I named it Xiaobai.
    In Xiaobai running, just like a snowball is rolling. A pair of round and clever eyes hidden in the long fluff, A pair of ears listened to all the suspicious sounds around. Xiaobai also had a pair of sharp claws, and his tail was old and high, and it seemed very spiritual.
    Xiaobai was very cute, especially the way it meals was very. Special. I always drink a few sips of water each time, and then I eat or bones in its rice bowl slowly.
    Xiaobai is very smart. Once, our whole family was eating, Xiaobai walked to me , Stretched out a front paw and touched me, and called "Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang Wang, as if he knew that he was eating, he didn't care about me, and my stomach was hungry. Give me something to eat. "I was busy taking its rice bowl, put a few pieces of meat inside, and added some rice, and it immediately ate it happily. Looking at it, I was very happy.
    Xiaobai Very brave. One morning, I went to school with my classmates. When I met two big black dogs in the middle of the road, Xiaobai saw it, just shouted, like a warning, and seemed to ask for help. Sure enough, it was not far behind Xiaobai. In the place, its helper appeared, one was "Hua Tsai" and the other was "A Huang". As soon as these two strong partner dogs rushed up, they scared the two big black dogs away. The lower body said to Xiaobai: "You are not only brave, but also quite smart! "
    I Xiaobai is very touching. Whether I go to school or play at home after school, I can always see Xiaobai's figure, it often accompany me. In the evening, it will follow me. , I ran in front, it chased behind, just like running.
    Xiaobai is my closest partner, I love Xiaobai.
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