4 thoughts on “Can dogs eat food, can dogs eat, will it cause harm to their bodies?”

  1. In fact, dogs can eat foods to a certain extent, but they need to be very important. It is not food that everyone eats, and it is not particularly good for dog foods to eat people. It eats dog food.
    Occasionally you can use the rice that people eat, and even if it is given to the dog food, it is necessary to process it slightly. Because human foods will have seasonings, especially salt, especially salt, it is very harmful to dogs. If dogs consume foods containing salt for a long time, it will increase the glands of the dog, leading to tears. Assuming that it is not inhibited and treated for a long time, it will cause serious damage to the vision of the dog, cause vision to decrease, and see what things are blurred. Unclear. The correct way to feed dogs should be to prevent feeding meals and change to dog food ten dog sausages (excluding salt) to drink straight drinking water or pure water. As the saying goes, water is the source of life. Only by drinking good water and drinking healthy water can we ensure the healthy growth of pets.
    It, there is a necessary element in the dog food that the dog's body needs, so in fact, dogs eat dog food. And there is no salt in dog food, which is very good for the dog, so there is no need to let him eat human food. And there are many foods that people often eat foods to be toxic for dogs. For example, the chocolate and grapes we often eat. This is the most obvious food that the two dogs cannot eat, and there are many food dogs You can't eat it, so try not to let it eat human food. If you encounter the lightning area, what should I do, so I still feel that it is best to eat dog food for dogs. But don't eat it often.
    Summary: If the conditions permit, let's buy dog ​​food. The nutritional elements required by various pets in dog food are contained. Of course, we can also eat these foods for pet dogs as complementary foods. We eat what we eat is greasy, too salty, too sweet, and it is not good for them! Mao children's stomach is fragile! Eating salty is easy to have tears. Too oil is easy to diarrhea. It is too sweet and easy to obese. Just eat their suitable dog food and snacks!

  2. No, this is actually a cognitive misunderstanding. First of all, everyone must know that dogs can not eat rice often, because there are many starch in rice. The body is very bad. It is easy to make the dog get sick and hurt its health. You must not feed your dogs often. If you eat it occasionally, it is okay, but it is actually harmed it.

  3. The meals that cannot be eaten by ordinary people are added with a lot of flavoring agents, but these flavoring agents are not good for dogs. Therefore, you must not feed the foods that humans eat for dogs. For long -term foods such as salt -containing flavoring agents such as salt, it is likely to cause the dog's cardiovascular system disease.

  4. Do not eat dogs for human food. Dogs' gastrointestinal structure is not the same as humans. Human meals are too salt for dogs and have a heavy burden on the stomach.

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