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  1. My family has a lively and lovely puppy, its name is "Doudou";
    it has a brown fluff. The sapphire -like eyes are shining, it looks prestigious, the ears are pulled, and the ears are pulled. Get up, the nose is small, like a chocolate beans;
    once, a little boy in my neighbor always fired at the door of my house, I was scared, "Doudou" saw it, "Wangwang" Two sounds, scared the little boy away;
    . It was still a racing player. I compared it with it. It was generous to let me run, and then it caught up with me like an arrow. It has arrived first;
    "Doudou" has accompanied me for many years. Whenever I am out of school, it will rush to me, hold my legs, like a naughty child;
    I like "Doudou"! We are now a good friend.
    The characteristics of puppies:
    The alertness of puppies is unusual. It has a particularly sensitive nose that can smell the breath of things 3 miles away. A smell.
    The ears also have a pair of ears. Whenever he hear a special sound, its ears will always be erected, listening to the movement outside carefully.
    The puppy has a wide and large mouth, and there is a row of white and sharp teeth in the mouth. It can bite a big mouse in one bite.
    The puppy has a healthy limbs, and it runs very fast. It can run two or three miles in one minute.
    The eyes of the puppy are not very good, you can only look at the distance of one mile. It mainly depends on its nose to distinguish objects.
    The paw puppy's claws are very sharp. Without a long time, it can dig a large round pit.

  2. I like many small animals, such as kittens, little monkeys, birds. But I still like puppies the most. There is a cute puppy in the aunt's house. It has white hair all over the body, and it looks like marshmallow; its eyes are black and white, like two gems; the ears are semi -round, the nose is black, and the tail is short. It's so beautiful!

    One day, I went to the aunt's house to play. As soon as I entered the door, I saw the puppy screamed "Wang Wang" at the door, as if I was welcome to come to its house. When I saw it, I smiled and said, "Little naughty, don't worry, I will play with you right away."
    I entered the house, and I sat on the sofa and wanted to rest for a while. However, it licked me with my tongue. I couldn't stand this "intimate" hospitality, so I had to accompany it to play outside. Outside the house, we played and found. I hid behind the car in the middle, waiting for it to come to me. After a while, I saw it running agilely here. Suddenly, it came to a sudden brake and surprised me! But, it didn't realize my existence. So I decided to take a look at its "wolf". Its dog hair is like taking a bath. It spit out his tongue at this sun. Yes, the weather today is really hot, just like the fire is grilling the earth. However, it also found me at this time. Ah! It becomes more cute! The white dog hair shines shiny and looks very smooth. Its eyes stared at me, with a smiley expression, as if saying, "Children, look, I found it."
    I really like this favorite puppy!
    1, Dog Brief introduction: belongs to the spinal animal doors, vertebrates, mammalian, real beasts, meat food, split feet and asian eyes , Dogs. Chinese is also known as "Dog". Dogs are carnivorous and are distributed around the world. Dogs and horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and chickens are called "six beasts". Some scientists believe that dogs have been domesticated from early humans from the ash wolf, and the domestication time is 40,000 years ago to 15,000 years ago. Known as "the most loyal friend of human beings", it is now the most breeding pet. Its life span is more than ten years. In Chinese culture, dogs are one of the zodiac signs and ranked 11th among the zodiac signs.
    2, celebrity saying about dogs:
    Ber adoption dog may be the only opportunity for humans to choose a loved one -Modkai Stege
    We enter a more loving and gentle world -Hani
    I people who have never raised dogs, it is difficult to imagine what lives with dogs. If you have raised dogs, you ca n’t imagine what to live without a dog -Carloin
    This dogs will not laugh at the same or alien, but can be very tolerant of sympathy -Du Bai
    A love that can be bought by money -Stark
    The dog is the only creature that loves you better than you love you — Wimulu
    when I deal with more people, I will The more I like dogs -Roland
    3, description of dogs:
    small and exquisite nose. The small nose is dark and black, and there are two small holes, like a button wearing a hole, which is very cute. So I named it a lion. The lion likes to walk around the Douban Field after eating. It is so fascinating now, but when sleeping in the morning is different. When you sleep in the morning, you close your eyes tightly. Why don't you call it? At this time, if you shout: eat. The lion will shoot like an arrow to the kitchen. Waiting for breakfast. You think it is handsome, and the courage must be particularly big, just the opposite. The lion is very timid. If you hold your chest, you will find it trembling constantly. Moreover, it also looks at the ground with timid eyes, it is funny! The puppy came to me when my father returned to his hometown. The puppy's hair is fluffy, and the ears are tilted up from time to time, and it looks extraordinarily spirit. Its beige hair, from a distance, is like the sun shines on the ground, emitting bright golden light. At first glance, there is a warm feeling.

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