Where is the Chengdu dog market? Is it reliable?

Where is the Chengdu dog market? Is it reliable?

2 thoughts on “Where is the Chengdu dog market? Is it reliable?”

  1. There are more dog markets in Chengdu, friends. There are basically a few stations, and there are many reliable ones, but if you don't understand, the chance of being pitted is very high. Buying dogs in Chengdu, there is a video you have to watch, the name is: Chengdu low -cost buying pet tutorial. My uncle, I bought a Garfield in Chengdu before. It spent 5500 yuan. At that time, it was not expensive to buy a Garfield for 5,500 yuan. However, after watching this video, I found out that the Garfield of this kind of product is not worth 5,500 yuan. It really wants to buy it, which is worth 2,000 yuan. It took 3500 yuan to spend more. Therefore, do n’t know if you do n’t know, it is recommended to watch this video to avoid being pitted.

  2. Chengdu dog markets are around, Longquan, Wenjiang, and slate beach are available. They are relatively large dog markets. You can go to see it.

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