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  1. Logistics cannot be checked in pets, trains or planes can handle consignment pets. Aircraft or train consignment pet procedures:
    mot and plant quarantine units (or agricultural bureau animal husbandry centers) to open 3 related certificates: to inject rabies vaccine at the veterinarian station (the vaccine airlines at the pet shop are not recognized), issue an injection certificate (That is, immune proof) and disinfection proof of transportation equipment (that is, a proof of disinfection of air boxes or homemade animal cages).
    applying for animal quarantine and health certificates. (Generally, rabies vaccine is available, and you can do it in pet hospitals.)

    The check -in, packaging, and transportation procedures.

  2. The consignment process of pet dogs is as follows:

    1, immunity and disinfection
    The pet health certificate must be issued, and mechanical disinfection certificates should be issued.
    2, fixed ticket
    Call the airport service personnel to determine that the flight is "aerobic compartment"
    3. And the "Certificate of Qualification of Animal Quarantine from the County" to the National Animal Quarantine Bureau of the National Animal Quarantine Bureau for free airport quarantine stamps.
    4, handling the consignment

    The airport quarantine and returning to the counter to go through the boarding procedures, you must explain to the airport staff to bring pets on the plane.
    5, extraction
    Plip the plane, you can go to the luggage office to get it. If you do not find it, you can ask the airport staff.
    Note: Your pets have spent a few hours of freshness, excitement, fear, loneliness, and restlessness on the plane, so you must first appease when you see it. Drink water.
    Pet pet dog airplane precautions:

    The amount of food in the aircraft box can be placed in the box, some pets that pets like to reduce the anxiety of pets.
    A even pets without motion sickness, it is recommended to fast before boarding the plane and urinate before boarding to reduce the discomfort and burden on the stomach when traveling at high altitude.

  3. You can express your pet dog when you are delivered, and the day is sent that day.
    This is one -stop door -to -door sending service. You can search for the hourly process on WeChat directly on WeChat, scan the code to order, and select the appropriate class and distribution mode.

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