What happened to the two -month -old dog with a fuzzy walking and walking. What is going on?

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  1. Go to pet hospital for treatment.
    The dog's sleeping feet shaking or stinging is a common phenomenon. From puppy to adult dogs, they have a shake or a few times when they sleep. 2. Dogs usually go to sleep after a period of sleep without interference. It is normal when you have no interference in the outside world that you can enter deep sleep. This is normal. 3. If the dog shakes or stumped when he is awake, it is abnormal. Maybe it is calcium deficiency. Maybe it is other reasons. You need to take it to see a doctor. If you don't have diarrhea, there are the following possibilities. 1. It is likely to be poisoned, cockroaches with rubber bait, and death cockroaches. Many cockroach medicines on the market are not in line with national standards. It is very toxic. Dogs accidentally eat this cockroach
    to poisoning. Generally, cockroaches are poisoned, and occasionally there are rat medicine poisoning. Go to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible. 2. Spasm caused by tapeworms. When the number of tapeworms in dogs increases, and eat some irritating foods. As a result of excitement, approaching the stomach, peristalsis, and suction cups adsorbed on the intestinal wall can cause the dog's stomach spasm. Vomiting. Go to the pet hospital for examination, and it will be fine after taking insecticide. 3, stomach disease. Gastric mucosa destruction caused by irregular feeding and inflammation can also cause vomiting. 4, there are foreign bodies in the stomach, you can't spit out. Dogs often swallow some incredible things. This touch can be touched. It is recommended to go to pet hospital for treatment. 5. On the surface, it is vomiting, which is actually a problem of the lungs. Some people smoke at home, causing dog pneumonia to cough. 6. It may be the small early symptoms of the dog. Observe the situation if there is a diarrhea, go to the pet hospital for treatment immediately.

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