3 thoughts on “There are teddy dogs in the Zhuzhou pet market. What is the price? Please, please, thank you”

  1. If you want to buy a dog, it is recommended not to buy it in the pet market. I have bought a few sick dogs in the pet market for a week. This kind of dog is called a weekly dog ​​or a worship dog. In fact, many varieties are many varieties. When the dogs were young, they were not very beautiful. The traffickers in the pet market made the puppy, so that the puppy would not live long, and some of them had lost a few days after buying it home. If you want to buy it, you can go to a professional farm or a professional dog. It is better to listen to the mouth of the Baisha dogs in Changsha. It is the largest pet dog breeding base in Hunan. The pet market really can't enter. It is a weekly dog. Even if it is not all, it does not mean that you are not buying a weekly dog! real

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