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  1. The reason for helping dog massage to relieve stress
    1. Pet emotional tense. Dogs are more nervous than humans, so their muscles are often nervous due to stress. As long as the hairy child is properly massaged, it can not only promote the circulation of blood and lymphatic, but also relax the tension muscles and soothe emotions. It can also improve aging or bone problems.
    2. Relax and soothe your mood. When massaging the dog, the owner can also increase the mutual trust and emotions between pets and owners. It can also help the owner adjust his mood and relax during the massage process.
    3. Happy hormones. "Happy hormones" during massage, Baby Mao is happy, we are also happy! When making a decompression massage for pets, the pressure should be very gentle, so that they feel comfortable and relaxed.
    Six -step dog massage

    1. The feeding mainly uses the palm back and finger joints, and draws a circle from 1 1/4 circle from the top of the head to repeat this movement to the position behind the neck.
    2. Go from the spine to the tail first, gently seem to pick up the fur, and repeat this action until the end of the hips.
    3. Rubbing with both hands. Both hands along the sides of the spine and drawing the circle at the same time. After drawing the circle at the top, gently press the meat. Repeat the movement to one side of the thigh, and then repeat the other.
    4. The palms of your hands ran along the side of the spine, moved towards the lower abdomen, and then gently grasped the meat of the lower abdomen.
    5. Back spine. Put your hands on both sides of the spine, and then slide it gently from the neck to the tail.
    6, shallow chest and abdomen massage. When the right side of the dog is massaged, the feeder should stand on the left side of it. The left hand is from the back of the right ear, down the chest to the front feet axillary, and then move the right hand and the left hand to the upper limbs of the front limbs for massage. Gentle explanation: Open the distance again, slide the right hand on the lower abdomen, do not move your left hand, and then pull it away from the top of the waist. This action is very helpful for gastrointestinal problems.
    Puctive precautions

    1. Sort by situation
    The massage time is about 15 minutes. This set is a treatment method to relieve stress and relaxation, and the owner can extend the time according to the situation. In addition, the above six sequences can be selectively operated, or re -planned according to the dog's current posture.
    2. Improve weight

    For dogs, regular massage can promote their activities and quality of life, but massage cannot replace the treatment. If a serious disease occurs, the owner must go to the Veterinary Hospital for a comprehensive and detailed diagnosis and treatment. There are many benefits of massage, what are the owners waiting for, hurry up.

  2. Persist in massage the dog for 10 minutes every day. You can quickly find the dog's physical changes when you massage. When the dog's emotions are tense, you must appease it. Before exercise, you need to make a warm -up massage for the dog. In the short term, the dog will be When consuming too much physical strength, it will cause the dog's joint pain, and the strength should be particularly uniform when massage.

  3. Massage every day, and then pay attention to the dog's emotions when you massage. You must be light and heavy, and you must gently.

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