How do you evaluate the nuclear -powered pet dog developed by China Nuclear Group? How do you think this shape is?

4 thoughts on “How do you evaluate the nuclear -powered pet dog developed by China Nuclear Group? How do you think this shape is?”

  1. Nuclear -powered pet dogs developed by China Nuclear Group are relatively high -tech, which can help humans do something, such as charging computers or mobile phones, as if it is a small and exquisite mobile power bank. However, ordinary charging treasures need to be charged regularly, and the power consumption is still very fast. This kind of activity charging treasure is very excellent and has a long battery life. However, the appearance does not seem to be dripping. The yellow skin of the earth and the sluggish snail eyes look stupid. When I first watched it, I really couldn't accept it. It was very abstract, but the more I looked at it, as if the mother -in -law looked at the son -in -law.
    In mentioned that China Nuclear Group, many people will feel that this group says that this thing is definitely very high, and it is not very good in our daily life. Now this group has also studied pet dogs with activity rates. This dog's body is equipped with nuclear energy, which runs very long. Not only can you walk by yourself, you can also help humans to do something, that is, what children said earlier to become a charging device. The two eyes are erected on their heads, and their ears cannot be erected. They are dogs with racing ears. They look like a nuclear snail. Netizens' comments are also sharp. Some netizens said that instead of being called nuclear -powered dogs, it is better to be called nuclear -powered snail, which is very vivid.
    This dogs are public, only one year old provided by nuclear energy, and it is an experimental animal from the company in the company. The Yuan universe mentioned here is also the N cosmic plan proposed by China Nuclear Group, which will study some nuclear -related technology and technology. This is also the first time that China Nuclear Group launched nuclear -powered pet dogs, and there are still many heated discussions. Some netizens said that although the appearance is a little bit good, some special emotions can be developed, such as solving problems encountered in life and human chats, or detecting human emotions to help children with psychological diseases. Such dogs will never leave humans and are the best partners of human beings.
    This dogs are currently in the internal test stage and can be seen in the market later.

  2. This nuclear -powered pet dog, currently in the internal testing stage of the product, will soon be pushed to the market. I think this is a good innovative thinking to help meet the people's daily life needs; The shape is very similar to the snail; it attracts my attention very much.

  3. I think this pet dog looks like a snail, because the two eyes of this dog are very similar to the eyes of snails, and they always feel that the pet dog's body is particularly soft. For me, it is for me. I think this shape is cool, I especially like this pet dog.

  4. This pet dog looks particularly beautiful, and this shape is also particularly good, which can be greatly representative.

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