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  1. Does your dog pull your ears every month? It may be ear mites or inflammation. Essence Go to the pet hospital to see it! Or buy a coptamine ear drops (external use), drip twice a day, it takes a week! My family teddy was more than one year old. I had had inflammation of my ear before. I bought this ear drops to the pet hospital. The hair in the dog's ears should be removed regularly every month. Otherwise, inflammation or cause. Essence Dogs will catch their ears hard, and they will be inflamed and will lose hair! If you pull it yourself at home, the hair outside the ears and eyes quickly removes it with a hand, and it should be pulled with a mule inside. Then use cotton to dip the hydrogen peroxide to clean his ears, not necessarily the ear mites, it may be dirty. Essence If the dog grows up, it is recommended to buy a pet -dedicated drop of pets for dogs and need to be medical. Essence My dog ​​also had this situation. I bought it in a pet hospital. Essence Drop 1-2 times a day, it will be fine in a few days! It can be cleaned once a month, and the pet hospital is cleaned for 10 yuan at a time, which is also very cheap.
    The baby will catch your ears by himself, and keep it out. It looks very uncomfortable and it grabbed the ears by itself, so worried! Is it enough to buy that potion? I take the ear every week
    is right. Essence My baby is like this, and Mao is caught. I took him to the medicine for pet hospital! It is a crowded liquid potion, dripping into the ears, two drips, and then rubbing your ears for the dog. Essence He will be a lot more comfortable, and he will not catch his ears often. About five days, my baby is fine. I went to the hospital to see it, and the doctor said that the ears were okay! Will you pull your ears and eyes when you get your ears for your dog? This also needs to be pulled up. Will you breed ear mites and bacteria
    This is very scared of pain, I puzzled it by myself, but I couldn't bear it if it was afraid of pain. This kind of ear oil should be more effective?
    Well, this medicine can anti -inflammatory. Ear mites. Essence After giving the dog, you must put your ears down and rub him well to allow the medicine to absorb better. Essence Hey. This is taught by a doctor! If you pull your ears, just go to the pet hospital or a beauty place, and pull it once a month for 10 yuan. Essence I dare not pull him up. He will be afraid. If he gives him a person, he will be very good, as if he is just scared, but it does not hurt, and they have anti -inflammatory water for the ear hair, saving I pulled the infection by myself.

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