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  1. Dog coagulation factor 乏 deficiency

    is also known as "dog hemophilia A" and "dog A hemophilia". It is a hereditary disorders with hereditary hemorrhage. The disease is caused by the deficiency of a coagulin factor "coagulation factor" in a canine plasma, which is a deficiency of genetic coagulation factors common in dogs.

    The dogs with coagulation factor ⅷ deficiency not only make the pet owner worry that he will be afraid of injuries and bleeding, at the same time, there are more situations that will affect their health problems.


    The important "coagulation factor ⅷ"

    The coagulation factor is a variety of protein components participating in the blood coagulation process. They are activated during blood vessel bleeding, sticking with platelets, and filling the leak on the blood vessels to complete the process of coagulation (extended reading at the end of the article).

    During the coagulation process, in addition to the participation of coagulation factors ⅷ, there are 12 coagulation of 12 coagulation such as Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, ⅲ, ⅶ, ⅸ, ⅹ, ⅻ, ⅻ, ⅹ Ⅲ, etc. Factor partner.

    The coagulation factor ⅷ is generated by liver cells (other tissues can also be produced such as kidney). When genetic defects related to diseases appear, the generation and activity of coagulation factor ⅷ will be directly due to the direct cause The influence, and the severity of the disease to a certain extent depends on the activity of the coagulation factor in the dog's body.


    Is when there is a problem with the concrete ...

    Bleeding is not only characterized by the characteristics, and the severity of the condition depends on the level of "coagulation factor ⅷ" activity.

    The test according to the in vitro coagulation activity, generally determine the comparison of activity levels and normal plasma standards (the normal value range is 50%-150%), which can be divided into three levels: light, medium, and heavy.

    Thisy and severe dogs may also have these symptoms: hematoma deformity, cartilage defect, hematuria (kidney bleeding), blood -like diarrhea (gastrointestinal bleeding), intracranial hemorrhage, nasal bleeding, oral cavity Bleeding, teeth detachment, lameness, and nerve compression, respiratory compression, and vascular compression caused by hematoma.

    Is when frequent bleeding or unable to control bleeding, it may eventually lead to death (or choosing peace).


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