Which dog is best for meat dogs?

Suitable for breeding in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, paying attention to economic benefits, breeding dogs will not be too expensive. By the way, do Tibetan mastiff dogs be raised as meat dogs?

6 thoughts on “Which dog is best for meat dogs?”

  1. Tibetan mastiff ~~~~
    my mother
    one of the worst hundreds of thousands ~ ``
    In you buy it?
    I just want to send you a word

  2. Tibetan mastiff millions ... you are really interesting ...
    The people who eat dogs selling dog meat and meat dogs must not die .. I curse you ...

  3. But the meat dog is nourished by ordinary yellow dogs,
    It you want to cultivate Tibetan mastiffs but meat dogs, but no one can afford it. Who can eat hundreds of thousands of dogs?

  4. San Bernard Dog

    is not expensive for dogs

    strong fertility

    Tibetan mastiffs used to kill meat before

    can't now ~~ Because it's valuable now

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