1 thought on “What preparations do you need to make a pet cat shop?”

  1. To prepare the following process steps to apply for a certificate.
    (1) Copy the store's real estate certificate (if it is a rental house, you need to provide the "Rental Agreement"), 2 ID copies, 5 inch photos to apply for a form to apply for the local industry and commerce institute, and receive the business business license.
    (2) After obtaining a business license, apply for a tax registration certificate at the local tax office.
    (3) Apply for invoices. Two types of invoices: (1) According to the tax method, that is, the same amount of taxes per month, regardless of whether or not the turnover is;
    (4) After 15-30 days, various documents can be processed. The entire process is about 500 yuan (the charges in various places are slightly different).
    (5) If the pet shop operates living or pet medical projects, it is necessary to obtain the "Public Places Health License" of the health department and the "Animal Epidemic Prevention Certificate" and "Animal Diagnosis and Treatment License" by the animal husbandry department.

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