5 thoughts on “Where can I sell kittens?”

  1. It is recommended to go to a regular breeding farm, pet shop, professional cat house and other places to buy cats.
    . Although cats in these places are more expensive, cats' health can be guaranteed. If you buy cats online because of greed for cheapness, cats who buy them may have a series of problems, such as illness, even death, etc. Wait.
    If the variety of bloodlines, the pets, the pet, the idle fish, the 58 city and other websites, there are cats to find adoption. If the demand is a variety of cats, the first choice for the most reliable place is the cat house. However, the chaos of the cat house industry is also true, and in the good cat houses that are doing their best, they will always be mixed into many backyards.
    This cottage can generally not come to see the cats, afraid that strangers will make cats have a stress response or infected virus. In this case, you should generally be required to watch the cats. Don't just watch the good video, because there are many people who stole the video. As well as the parents of cats, the parents' appearance, health, and mental state are a strong proof of whether the cat house is formally.
    It the answer to help you, other questions want to consult the pet doctor, click the avatar below, and conduct free 1 to 1 consultation.

  2. If you are a variety of cats, buy it in a regular pet shop. If you just want a cute cat to accompany, you can go to a cat to adopt forums. It may also be found in the 58 city in your own area.

  3. This is simple, some of the pet markets must be bought. I think before you buy a cat, you must think clearly that you must be able to raise a cat with the ability and patience, and you must take good care of it. Don't rise for a while. After a period of time, you don't want to raise it. This is not good.

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