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  1. Now cats rarely catch mice. Is it "the mouse is floating? Or is the cat not moving the knife?" In fact, this is not a joke. Essence Let's briefly analyze these two sentences. You can see that there is no reason.

    How is it floating?
    Mouse is one of our most common animals, and they are also one of the most widely distributed animals in the world. From about 50 million years ago, the ancestor of the mouse oriental Xiaobiao has already existed on the earth. After tens of millions of years of evolution, the current mice can live if you eat, and you can have a place where you have activities. And the thief is very good.
    Mouse is a kind of omnivorous animal. As long as they are eaten, they will never pick up and pick up. This is their strong adaptability. An adult females can have more than 8 times a year, and each time will produce about 5 cubs, and the cubs will have fertility in only a few months. This is the strong breeding ability of mice.
    is because of strong reproduction and adaptability that rats are spread all over the world and become the head of "four harms". If you can live and live, then the mouse does have a "floating" capital.

    of course, if the "floating" of mice is only impossible. In the past rural areas, farmers used food as the sky, and the threat of rats on food was very big, so people were very hateful to mice. As a result, mouse clips, sticky mouse boards, mouse medicine, etc. are all available. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, food is no longer the whole of farmers. Now there are many employment opportunities, farmers' friends can make money. In addition, most of the current houses and grounds are cement and bricks. It is not conducive to mouse holes, so even if there are a few mice at home, people now rarely work hard to deal with it.
    This caused the boldness of mice. Some time ago, I told you one thing that I went to my daughter -in -law's hometown for a few days. In the past few days, the mouse dared to jump on the bed where I was sleeping to find food, and almost bit me. It can be seen that mice have a lot to do with people who are too lazy to deal with it.

    In addition to the above two reasons, the cat's inaction is also one of the reasons why the mouse "floats"
    So why is the cat "unable to move"?
    Is know that cats are domesticated from wild cats. Although the domestication history of cats has been thousands of years, cat wildness is difficult to domesticate. So far, cats are only semi -domesticated. Its survival does not rely entirely on humans, and it never listens to people like dogs. Of course, this means that ordinary cats have completely lost their wild nature under artificial conditions. In this case, you must not expect a fat beep, only eating cat food, and even the cat who has not seen a mouse to grab the mouse. When you meet a mouse, your pet cat will not scare aside.
    Is that ordinary cats have not been domesticated, why are they "not moving"? There are two reasons.
    01 Cat's staple food
    The people think that cat catching mice is righteous and its instinct. There seems to be no problem, in fact there are loopholes. Because the habits of cats and wild cats are similar, the difference is that wild cats live in places far away from humans, while cats mainly survive in human habitats. Cat's prey is not fixed. Its common prey include insects, small mammals, rodents, etc., that is, mice are only one of its prey, not its staple food. As long as it is a cat, the owner will not make the cat hungry.
    Therefore, in a state of not hungry, cats are too lazy to catch mice.

    02 The environment changes
    As people's living standards increase, most of the rural yard is cement land, which makes mice unable to survive here. As a result, some cats have never seen mice from being born to adulthood. With the caution of cats, you let it catch a animal that has never been seen, obviously it is unwilling.

    The main reasons why many cats do not catch mice are the following points: the number of mice is reduced (within the range of human habitats), the cat's degeneration and food are relatively sufficient. Of course, not all cats do not catch mice. The big black cats of my neighbor's neighbors go home across three and five places, which makes almost no mice in my house.

  2. Because there are relatively few rats now, and there are now living conditions, cats have enough food, so the cats have lost their ability to catch mice over time.

  3. Because the cat today is already a pet raised by humans, they have left its mother since childhood, they will not catch mice, and humans are feeding them. They don’t need to catch them.

  4. On the one hand, there are relatively few mice, and on the other hand, it seems that food can be obtained everywhere. You do n’t have to catch yourself through grabbing mice to make cats inert, so the skills and consciousness of grabbing mice have decreased.

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