5 thoughts on “The kitten keeps you all the time, and call it while screaming?”

  1. Cats have been calling the owner to call most of the reason. It is coquettish, wanting to play with it, mealing, cat sand pot dirty or estrus. The owner can observe more, if the cat has no abnormal diet, you don't have to worry too much. The owner can check whether the water and food in the cat bowl are sufficient, and whether the cat sand pot is cleaned up, and the cat is appropriately touching the cat to play with it. The main performance of the cat's estrus during the estrus is usually not screaming at home, and suddenly starts to appear, and even call at night. It is necessary to consider whether the cat is in estrus. It takes about a week or two in estrus. The symptoms of estrus, generally, will not be called again after mating. If the owner does not intend to breed a cat, he can wait until the estrus period passes, and take a cat to a pet hospital for sterilization surgery. I fed it after get off work. After eating, the cat has always loved to walk around and the net is also a coquettish manifestation of the owner. He wants the owner to play with it.

  2. This situation may be caused by the estrus of the cat or the cat wants to interact with the owner. Usually, the cat will become more sticky after the estrus, and it will also make a call. Cats are considered for species, so you can directly breed. However, if a cat is not yet adult, it is not recommended to breed, otherwise the cat may have difficulty in giving birth or miscarriage.

  3. Cats have been scratching the owner or calling. The possible reason is the following points:

    1, the cat may always be in estrus. Cats will reach sexual maturity in about seven to eight months. Different varieties may be about one year old. For the first estrus, the female cat will appear frequently when the estrus becomes particularly sticky. , Like to stroke everywhere, like the owner to touch. If the owner strokes his waist, the female cat will still pull the butt and tail and roll on the ground. The male cat will always call, and everywhere. If you don't consider letting cats grow, you can wait until the estrus is over.

    2, cats usually like to use their heads, body, or tails when they are close to others. See what the cat wants to express. For example: The cat has been calling for you all the time, maybe you want to play with the owner or hungry, thirsty, or coquettish with you. At this time, you can feed the cat's snacks that cats or cats like to avoid the cat's hunger. At the same time, you can also play with it for a while to enhance the previous feelings of pet owners and cats. After eating and drinking, after interacting, the cat will calm down and won't call it.

    3, the cat changed the environment. Cats lack a sense of security and will always be called to express fear and nervousness. The pet owner can use emotions to relieve the cat in advance to ease the spray of emotions, and at the same time stroke it to help the cat reduce anxiety, and will not always call.

    4, the cat is sick, making a different call, and the spirit is sluggish, unwilling to move. At this time, the owner should pay attention to distinguish and take the cat to seek medical treatment in time.

  4. The kitten is still beside you, indicating that she wants to find the master to play, a kind of behavior similar to coquettishness, but also to express her love for the owner.
    Cats, like humans, are emotional animals. When it shows you well, you must respond to it, otherwise it will revenge, and it will not be easy to coax.

  5. Basically two major reasons.
    The first is hungry alone and needs to eat, so find you to eat.
    The second is that the cat feels bored, needs your company and play.
    The trivial possibilities, such as uncomfortable, or it feels some kind of uneasiness (such as earthquakes) and so on.

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