4 thoughts on “How to teach pet cats to go to the toilet? Is there any technique?”

  1. Many young people now like pets at home, usually pet dogs or pet cats. Pet cats are very cute, especially when they are young, so many people are willing to raise them from childhood. However, when the cat is still young, he will not go to the toilet by himself, so he often stinks in the home, and will pee around everywhere. It is very difficult. If the owner wants to teach cats to go to the toilet, he must also hurry up and start training from an early age. You must prepare in advance. Proper punishment.
    If when raising cats, it starts with a small milk cat, and you must hurry up and teach cats to go to the toilet in the cat sand pot within three months. The cat owner must first prepare the appropriate appliances, prepare a cat litter pot, and prepare the cat litter cat in first. When teaching cats, the cat usually places the cat in the cat litter basin, and then teach the cat to pull it a few times in the cat litter with its paws. Most cats actually have an instinct response to cat litter, so sometimes there is no special training at all, and cats can learn.
    It if there is a kitten in the home, you can put the cat and the female cat together, so that the kitten can learn with the female cat. If there is no female cat in the house, you can directly put the kitten in the cat sand pot. After some time, the cat knows how to use it. Moreover, the cat litter pot is excreted as a cat. It is usually placed at home. Be sure to pay attention to cleaning to prevent the cat's hair from being polluted.
    . Cats are a small animal that loves cleanliness. If the cat litter basin is not cleaned in time, the cat may appear excreted elsewhere, so it must be regularly produced by cat sands for every week. You have to change the cat in the left and right. Cat's self -esteem is still relatively strong, and he does not like to be placed, so the owner must be patient during training.

  2. I know you can put some food in some cat sand pots or some dog shit places, and let him know that this is where they go to the toilet, so that they can have a better consciousness.

  3. Usually, we can use body demonstration to teach pet cats to the toilet, or if we can show him videos and let him learn, because now the animals are more painful

  4. You can buy pet toilet at the beginning to train. You can also do 1 to 1 teaching at the scene, because these pets are very imitated, they will imitate people's various behaviors.

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