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  1. According to the provisions of the General Administration of Customs announced:
    (1) Passengers carry partner dogs and cats to enter the country, each person is limited to one.
    (2) After the Customs accepts the declaration of the passenger's partner dog and cat, it should be verified that the official quarantine certificate and rabies immune certificate issued by the exporter (or region) should be notified, and the portal quarantine agency of the port will be notified. Observation quarantine. The portal animal and plant quarantine organs issue "retaining quarantine vouchers" to passengers. The quarantine time is 30 days.
    (3) Passengers declare and carry entry partner dogs and cats. If they cannot submit relevant certificates or exceed the regulatory limited edition, the customs notify the portal animation and plant quarantine agency will temporarily detain the dogs and cats. Passengers shall go through overseas procedures within the time limit prescribed by the portal animal and plant quarantine authority. If the overdue fails or the passenger statement is automatically given up, it is deemed to be an unattended item and is quarantined by the portal animation and plant quarantine agency.
    (4) Passengers bring their partner dogs and cats who do not apply to the customs. The customs will punish the parties in accordance with the "Customs Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Implementation Rules for the Implementation of the Administrative Penalties of the People's Republic of China". For the confiscated dogs and cats, the customs handed over to the port of the port of the portal quarantine agency for isolation quarantine. If the quarantine is qualified, the auction treatment of the animals and plant quarantine organs will be deducted from quarantine, vaccination, customs supervision, animal breeding, management and other related expenses, and the remaining payment will be paid. The plant quarantine organs shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations; dogs and cats who are allowed to be returned after punishment shall be handled in accordance with Article 3 of this notice.
    I answers to the reference only. Please refer to the actual results of the customs in charge of the customs.

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