Pet cats and dogs in a community in Chongqing died one after another, suspected to be deliberately poisoned.

4 thoughts on “Pet cats and dogs in a community in Chongqing died one after another, suspected to be deliberately poisoned.”

  1. Pet cats and dogs in a community in Chongqing died one after another. They were suspected to be deliberately poisoned. To achieve civilized dogs, they must first bare dog ropes, and then do not let the dog urinate anywhere and clean up in time.

  2. First of all, you must apply for a pet certificate. Secondly, take it to take the rabies vaccine and finally keep hygiene.

  3. There is a community in Chongqing for about half a month. Many pet cats and pet dogs die one after another, which will inevitably make people doubt. After all, this kind of thing is really abnormal. Just half a month, more than a dozen dogs died of poisoning, suspected to be deliberately poisoned. The owner of the little pet also found the property of the community, but the community property stated that he did not put poison in the community, and it was likely to be the other owners of the community.
    In after all, in many communities, you can often see pet cats and pet dogs. If the owner is bent with a small pet, let the small pets urinate at will, which seriously pollutes the environment in the community. Of course Other owners are dissatisfied. So some owners with extreme character have taken this way to poison their pets. If the owner's raising dogs in normal civilization will not affect other people, and this kind of tragedy will not happen.
    In daily life, if you want to be a civilized dog, you must first pay attention to the traction rope when walking the dog. This is very important. In many cities, this has clear requirements for this. If you find that walking dogs does not hold ropes, it is likely to be punished. Some people may always feel that their pet dogs are very mild, and they don't have to worry about pet dogs biting. But if a stranger does not know about pet dogs, he won't think so. Once the pet dog chases others, of course, it will scare others.
    In more importantly, after the pet dog is traction rope, you don't have to worry about the pet dog running around. In addition, when walking the dog, it is best to bring items such as toilet paper or plastic bags with you. Sanitary issues cannot be ignored. It is estimated that many dogs should like to urinate in the green areas of the community. If they are not cleaned in time, it will inevitably contaminate the lawn, and the odor will make others feel uncomfortable. Therefore, after the dog is excreted, you should clean up the dog's feces in time and be a civilized shit officer.

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