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  1. The cost of opening pets is between 30 to 500,000.
    1. In the sales of tangible items, you can see it. For example, pet store shops, pet shop decoration, pet shop consumables (shelves, beauty equipment, air conditioning, etc.), pet shop goods, etc. These costs are mainly concentrated in the early investment of pet shops.
    The invisible investment is: pet shop training (including skill training, management training), pet shop propaganda, labor costs, and so on. These things are intangible, but if you want to open a good pet store, you need these hardware things.
    The investment budget for pet shops to the cost of pet shops, store area, business projects, local consumption levels, etc., these premise directly contribute the results of the subsequent.
    The precautions for opening the store:

    The creative extension health check -ups are extended service items. Rental and so on.
    How to avoid becoming a short -lived store, even if you know that it is very hard, you have to go forward bravely, not afraid of suffering, just hold the mood of nine nights and twelve.
    The problems that may be ignored at the beginning of the store may be simpler for veterinary hospitals and pets to buy and sell. Instead, the medical treatment is easy to occur. The most serious is misdiagnosis.
    In addition, the operator should put his own technology first so that the technical zero disadvantages can avoid some disputes. In addition to getting along with customers, dogs are no better than people, and it is difficult to control the temper or personality, especially some fierce or neurotic dogs. They are easily bite and are careful when dealing with them.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Shop

  2. In recent years, society has entered a period of rapid development. With the saturation and height unemployment rate of employment now, more and more people choose to start a business. Find a better entrepreneurial project.
    As there are more and more pets now, this emerging industry has also become a key industry that many people pay attention to. There will also be many people thinking that I can open a pet shop myself? How much does it need to invest? Don't worry, let's see where we spend money, and then roughly calculate.
    This Beauty equipment
    First of all, you need to know that whether it is human hair cutting or pet beauty, you need to use beauty equipment. Opening a pet shop must also buy some beauty equipment, such as the most common blowing water blowing water Machines, cosmetic shear, electric push, beauty tables, high -power vacuum cleaners, etc. are indispensable. If you want to configure these equipment, it takes about 4,000 yuan.
    is one more thing, that is, pet shops also need to purchase electrical equipment such as air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, etc. This is also indispensable during the store opening process. This probably requires nearly 4,000 yuan to invest.
    The decoration design of the store
    The pet shop is a specialty for dogs to serve dogs. Decoration is still necessary, and the more the pet shop decoration is tasteful, the higher the end, the more formal can attract consumers. Decoration is a thing that requires aesthetics. The more beautifully invest in the decoration of the store. Many pet shop decoration is very poor, but in fact they do not spend less.
    For a high -end and upper -grade pet shop, there is a professional design and decoration team, which can attract consumers, but the inventory fee for investment is more expensive, and it takes about 20,000 yuan in funds.
    The rent of the store
    Due to the regional relationship, the rent of pet shops will be greatly differentiated, but it is generally at 4 yuan -6 yuan/day/square meter. To open a 30 -square -meter pet shop, the annual funds are about 45,000.
    The cost of learning technology
    In pet shops, pet beauty is essential. If you do not recruit beauty masters, you need to learn by yourself. Generally speaking, the usual beauty artist training cost is about 8,000 yuan For left and right, the study time is about 1-2 months. If you add accommodation, it costs about 10,000 yuan.
    It if you do n’t go to study, you can directly recruit beauticians, but this kind of risk will be very large. If the beautician resign, it will directly affect the pet shop business.
    Su product supply
    The shops that specialize in pets for pets, pet food toys are also essential. Generally speaking, pet shops are used as cats, dogs, fun, food, food, food, and transportation. Therefore, in pet shops The products should also be as rich as possible, which can meet the needs of customers. Generally, the first pet store purchase is about 20,000 yuan of goods, which can also collect what customers need.
    of course, pet shops also need to have pets. One or two kittens and puppies can be displayed. Usually food consumption also needs to be calculated in expenditure.
    The relevant documents
    It does not need to apply for special documents to open pet shops. The pet shop is the same as other documents. It takes about a few hundred yuan.
    If you want to open a pet shop, add WeChat (MY00541) to understand

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I am glad to answer your questions. Dear, about 200,000nDear, you need to open a pet shop 1. Certificate and procedure. Industrial and commercial business licenses, organization code certificates, and tax registration certificates are essential certificates. Project: the opening procedures for the opening of individual industrial and commercial households; 2. Choose the type of opening a store. The service of franchise stores is better, and personal stores are more free, but more funds are required; 3. Selection of the store address. The store's site should be selected in a clean place without affecting people; 4. Investment of funds. Including the beauty facilities of various nutrients and pets, they must provide a good environment for the growth of pets; 5. Autonomous operations or find professional cooperation.nDear, I hope my answer can help you        n1 morenBleak

  4. For example, there is a 60 -square -meter store rent of a 60 -square -meter store in the first -tier cities. It is about 670,000 yuan a year. In the case, the minimum purchase and tool acquisition of the store also need to ask about 1W. Finally, the recruitment and answer of the pet store staff is required to have the level of the pet beauty of pets independently. The salary is generally around 3000-4000. The opening of some stores requires some stores, etc. The start-up funds do not be less than 13W.

  5. The goal of many professional pet cosmetologists is to have their own pet cosmetic, and usually lower investment can enter this line. Therefore, it is very attractive and easy to achieve and operate. Many professional pet cosmetic masters have achieved the professional goal of successfully operating their pet beauty shops.

    The address selection

    First of all, an important choice to open a pet beauty shop is to choose a good position. Pet owners often patronize pet beauty shops with convenient transportation and parking venues.

    Secondly, another important factor to consider the location is competition. If there is already a pet beauty shop in a certain area, especially if this shop is well represented, it is far from this shop to open a pet beauty shop in this area. To analyze the reason is the poor location or poor operation. The ideal position is that there is no competitive or competitors that are weak. Choosing the most favorable position at the time will occupy a large share of the industry.

    This design of pet beauty

    First, pay attention to internal decoration, and the decorative effect directly affects whether the pet beauty shop is attractive, whether it is impressive. The beautiful interior decoration can make the environment elegant and bright, and leave a good impression on guests. The interior decoration should be based on bright colors as the because the beauty shop should be brighter and better. Do not choose dark colors to choose light colors. The dark color is easy to make people dim, depressed, and also produce a smaller feeling than the actual space. You can also choose some soft curtains, such as pale blue, rose buds, or decorating some colorful decorations on the wall, and can also decorate some interesting paintings. The ideal decorative design should use materials that do not need to be painted frequently, and the floor should also be paved with tiles to avoid carpets.

    Secondly, the external decoration is also important, and the color design also needs bright eye -catching. The window is part of your external decoration. The display of the window should not only be good -looking, but also attractive. The display in the window is undoubtedly the most attractive, and it is also a display of pet beauty artist skills. There is a writing on the window. The store name will be more deeply the customer's impression of beauty shops.

    The pet beauty reception room

    Pet pet beauty reception room is best to distinguish from the work area. It is the most attractive place for beauty shops. Putting some in the room, chairs, coffee tables and some magazines and books about pets, so that the waiting customers can rest here. At the same time, some display desks can be placed to sell some pet supplies to increase economic income. The display desk can also be placed in some tasteful decorations, such as you can place some, photos of puppies and puppies or their own beauty works. The prize -winning photos are most likely to impress customers. You can also place some ribbons, cute decorations and prizes. At the same time, it is necessary to put a target price list in the reception room. The price of different sizes and types of dogs should be clearly displayed. Additional requirements, such as removal of fleas, flat lice, or unlocking hair knots, should also indicate the price. It is best to indicate the price of the main pruning type in order to facilitate the customer of the poodle, so that the customers only need to indicate that they want to prunites the type. At the same time, the reception room should be separated from the working area to prevent guests from entering the work area, otherwise the work of a beauty artist will be affected.

    The pet beauty work area

    The spacious spacious work area should be distinguished. When decorating the working area, put the tools you need to keep at hand to ensure the maximum work efficiency. The beauty table should be placed in the brightest place in the room. The cage should be arranged to place the maximum utilization efficiency by the wall closest to the beauty table. The cage must have different sizes to place different body types of dogs. When installing the bathtub, you must consider the height of the beautician. Generally, the position of the waist of the beautician is the most comfortable. The places where the bathtubs are convenient for setting the bath material should be set.

    Pet beauty power

    The power system for pet beauty shops is good. To provide sufficient lighting, it is necessary to drive electric scissors and hair dryers. Air conditioning, so the best planning for the power system must be planned.

    The commercial operation of pet beauty shop is as important as the design of beauty shops. To obtain maximum profits, there must be a suitable operation plan. Summarize experience in operational experience to find the highest efficiency and the highest efficiency and the highest quality to complete the beauty. To open a pet beauty shop, it is still necessary to test the superb pruning technology, thoughtful service, and good reputation to attract stable customer sources.

    S selection of an industry you like, you have to take advantage of it, start from the lowest aspect, and stabilize step by step. No matter what you do, you must think about it first. In addition, I do not agree with partnership entrepreneurship and operation. Being a boss alone, the best one said.
    ? What is the lowest investment in a pet beauty shop?
    ... how much entrepreneurial investment depends on different situations. Some people make money immediately when they invest in 30,000 yuan. Other people are more powerful. They invest in more than one million and rent a venue of more than 1,000 square meters. They do well, and soon recover investment creation benefits. Generally speaking, 50,000 yuan will open 50,000 yuan, and 100,000 yuan will be opened for 100,000 yuan. How much money does it cost? Investment is risky, so when you really do, you must have a clear understanding of the market, have relevant knowledge, and decide to persist when you decide to do it.

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