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  1. What does pet hospital need? In addition to infrastructure, it depends on special services.
    If in the current clinical work of veterinarians, there is a wide range of problems that have difficulty diagnosis of some pathogenia or cannot be accurately diagnosed. Diagnostic test strips, and some pathogens have difficulty diagnostic during the trace volume, such as Barbes bugs and other diseases.

    If injection vaccine is the main measure to prevent dog -cat viral diseases, and play a greater role in the prevention and treatment of epidemic diseases. However, the antibody detected during serum testing is difficult to distinguish whether it is vaccine or infected with virus. Therefore, the importance of pathogenic testing is increasingly valued by people. Although glue gold test cardboard can provide rapid diagnosis, it is impossible to provide an accurate diagnosis basis for the early diagnosis of the disease and the premium requirements. For diseases that need to be used for blood coating and feces, due to strong subjectivity, it is easy to produce omissions. Therefore, PCR nucleic acid detection can provide an objective diagnosis basis.

    Essential instruments for pet hospital -automatic nucleic acid extract instrument, fluorescent quantitative PCR meter

    nucleic acid extract instrument is a supporting nucleic acid extract reagent from motion to complete the extraction of sample nucleic acid extracts Instrument. The nucleic acid extract instrument is combined with the independent packaging reagent of the single specimen. During the operation, only the specimen action is required to automatically complete the entire process of extraction purification.

    biog automatic nucleic acid extract instrument with BIOG fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument can effectively improve the detection efficiency of nucleic acid. It is an indispensable instrument that optimizes diagnosis and treatment methods and precise diagnosis of pet hospitals.

    The requirements in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture's "2013 State Animal Epidemic Disease Monitoring and Popular Disease Survey Plan", as well as the national standard of pet disease diagnosis in my country, promulgated the "GB/T27533 of Castle Small Virus Diagnosis Technology (GB/T27533 -2011) "and" GB/T27532-2011) "national technical standards, which clearly use the detection of small viruses and canine plague virus nucleic acid test (instead of test strip card detection) as diagnostic standards. It can be seen that the country's diagnosis of pet disease has gradually been standardized, and related national standards have been formulated, and it also shows that nucleic acid testing will play a more important role in the diagnosis of animal epidemic.

  2. With the continuous progress of the social environment, pets and small animals have given people more companionship in life, and the treatment of pet health and diseases has begun to increase. In order to treat pets in life in life The community environment is constantly increasing, and pets and small animals are approaching medical treatment in a timely manner. Pet medicine accompanies the growth of pet hospitals. So which departments do a pet hospital needs to be configured. Pet medical equipment manufacturer Shandong Daolai briefly introduces which departments to open a pet hospital.

    1 The operating room: The operating room is a pet medical operating room with a special pet operating table, no shadow lamp, breathing anesthesia, animal ECG and other instruments.
    2 diagnosis and treatment room: The diagnosis and treatment room is an environment where pet doctors and staff are diagnosed with pet (animal) diagnosis of pets (animals). The setting of the diagnosis room should be clean, simple, and not too large. Equipped with auscultation, anesthesia laryngeal mirror, PET DR, etc.
    3. Laboratory: The laboratory is the central department of the pet hospital. The laboratory shall be equipped with centrifugal machines, biochemical instruments, blood instruments, urine analyzers, microscope and blood counter.
    4 Drug Room: Drug Room is mainly used for pets and medicines. It is required to be equipped with a pill, refrigerator, frozen cabinet and pill.
    5 isolation room: The isolation room is a special area specifically specified in the pet hospital to prevent cross -infection of the virus. In the pet hospital, the main purpose of the isolation room is to block animal infection and disinfection equipment such as ultraviolet disinfection lights and spray sterilizers.
    above is equipped with the basic department of the pet hospital. The annual inspection should be performed every year and the indoor environment should be maintained for a long time. The department's equipment should be checked regularly, and the relevant department's pet equipment management system should be established to operate well.

  3. The necessary inspection equipment: configure drug cabinets, equipment cabinets, refrigerators, microscope, high -pressure sterilization equipment, ultraviolet disinfection lights, spray disinfection device and other basic diagnosis and treatment equipment. Bloody and biochemical can be set according to the conditions of the hospital!

  4. Small devices:
    The flashlight (diagnostic ear canal, etc.), magnifying glass, microscope, fungal detector, atomizer, TDP therapy instrument, and eye pressure meter. My experience is: as long as these small instruments are used well, these small things can earn a large device in a year.

    Large -scale equipment:
    x optical machines, blood cells, electrolytes, biochemicals

    have the above instruments, which can be regarded as a more formal pet hospital.

  5. The small instruments are those. The biochemical biochemical mentioned below can be done. You do n’t need to buy a few types. What special biochemical and fully automatic projects can be measured.

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