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  1. What should a cat always bite? It's very simple. The following four methods can solve the
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    What to do if cats always bite people? In fact, it is very simple. As long as you use these 4 methods, you can solve the problem. When you have used these 4 methods, you can ensure that your cat will not bite you anymore.
    The first way: Let it recognize the Lord
    It to be honest, if the kitten bites, it is also original, because the cat is still small, and it is curious about everything around you. I want to bite a bite and try it. But if the cat grows up, it means that it does not recognize the Lord. Although the cat is a little different from the dog, in general, the difference is not much. Don't look at the cat so high. If it really recognizes the Lord, it will be loved by dogs. If it is not angry, it can only indicate that it has not recognized the Lord yet.
    In this case, the pet owner must let the cat recognize the Lord. After the cat recognizes the Lord, he will not bite his master. At this time, some people may ask, how can we let cats recognize the Lord? In fact, it is very simple to let cats recognize the Lord. As long as you let it realize that your food and residence is given to it. You are taking care of it. Over time, it will treat you as the master, and it will not bite you anymore. It's right.
    The second method: change its habit
    It, to be honest, some cats do not really want to hurt this person. It bites just because it bite people when it was a child, bites and bites, bites and bites. It became a habit. If you want it not to bite, you just need to correct its habit. There are two ways to change its habit. The first one is to apply wind oil and essence where it is bitten. You know, it cannot smell the irritating smell. If it smells this smell, it will hide from the distance, so that it will not bite you anymore.
    Over time, this habit will be changed. The second is to make it realize that biting people is wrong. So how to make cats realize that bite is wrong? When the cat bits you, you must pretend to be very painful and call out loud. After one or two times, the cat knows that it will bite you. In this case, it will not bite you anymore Essence This is also a very useful way, you can try it.
    The third method: Buy a grinding rod for the cat
    This cat's teeth are so sharp, it must be like dogs, and they also need to wear teeth. Sometimes, cats are just grinding their teeth. If the pet owner finds that his cat is for molars, you can buy a few toys that can make it grind from the Internet. In this case, it will bite toys, and then I won't bite you anymore.
    The fourth method: Buy toys for cats
    Actually, sometimes cats are not really bitten, it just wants to attract the petitioner's attention. I want to let the pet owner play with it. Therefore, if you love cats, you must buy more toys it likes for cats. In this case, it is usually boring to play toys, and it will not bite the pet Lord.

  2. Cats like to bite people, you can just hit it. If you can't do it, you don't need some equipment. He can't beat him at all.

  3. When the cat bites, you must hit it when it bites and tell it that it is wrong. After you hit it, you reached out to see it or not bite. If you bite Some rewards can be implemented.

  4. When your kitten is not obedient, when you are biting or catching people, you can twist your kitten with your hands, put it on the ground, and then say to your kitten very seriously, " Can't!". Although the kitten does not understand human language, they are very smart and can feel the tone of human. After the cat understands your instructions, it will gradually reduce the behavior of biting people.

  5. Cats also need to train.
    If it likes to bite people, you can clearly give it an attitude. If you bite you, you stop interacting with it immediately, and put it in the cage. It knows that biting people will be punished, and it will slowly get better.

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