3 thoughts on “Where is the Hangzhou cat market? Can you rest assured to buy cats?”

  1. Friends, although I do n’t know much about the location of the cat market, who knows more or some experience, usually do n’t go to the pet market. There are many trafficking in it. If you do n’t understand pets, you will be easily fooled and buy high -priced cats. Essence A friend from Hangzhou had given me a folding -eared cat. He bought it 2900 yuan. As soon as I heard the price of 2900 yuan, I knew that he bought a high -priced cat. Because, I watched a video before, named: Hangzhou low -priced pet tutorial. After watching the video, I knew. This ordinary -level folding cat is generally around 1100 yuan in Hangzhou. So, I asked him to retreat the folding cat. Then according to the video prompts, we bought a folding ear cat again, which cost 1200 yuan, which saved 1,700 yuan. Therefore, if you want to buy cats in Hangzhou, you must watch this video so that you will not be pitted. Practical experience, share with you here, don't thank hahahahaha.

  2. There is a pet trading market in Hangzhou's urban -rural junction. If you want to buy pet cats, you can go there to take a look.

  3. There is a flower and bird market in Hangzhou, you can go and see. But I haven't gone for a long time, so I am not sure if there is a cat. Before you go, check the specific situation online. If someone around you, such as your neighbors or friends, you can also ask where you buy a cat.

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