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  1. Text/teasing cat
    For a kitten, its daily nursing work is mainly divided into four pieces, trimming nails, cleaning the eyes, cleaning the ears, and cleaning the mouth. Although it looks simple, there are many places to pay attention to each item.

    Price nails
    1. First put the cat on the knee and hug from behind. Gently squeeze the toenails and the feet behind, and the nails will extend. In order to prevent cats from catching you, you need to hold it from behind. When necessary, you can use a blanket to surround the cat to prevent his struggle.
    2, do not cut bleeding, just cut off the nails above the blood line, do not cut to the sensitive flesh under the blood line or the claws.
    Clean eyes
    A healthy cat will clean the eyes by themselves. There is no need to do more to do shovel officers, but if there are secretions around the eyes, you still need to clean it with special eye drops. Wet the eye drops (or light saline) with a cotton swab and wipe it clean. Be careful not to use the same cotton swab and two eyes, which may cause cross -infection.
    This to clean the ear
    Net to prepare ear washing, cotton swab. Squeeze the ear canal into the ear canal and wet the auricle, and gently rub the cat's ears, so that the ear fluid and dirt are fully exposed. Then let the cat throw your ears, throw out the dirt on the ear canal, and then wipe it with a cotton swab to keep it without water and keep the ear canal dry, otherwise the cat's ears will get sick. Just clean up like this. If there are ear mites, it is necessary to clean up with ear mites on the basis of the ear washing. Do not worry about ear mites, clean up medicine and diligence, usually get better in half a month.
    Cleaning oral cavity
    This can use fingers or gauze to help the kitten to clean the teeth. After the cat adapts to brushing, you must have a dedicated toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth regularly. The brushing time should not be too long, and the intensity should be light. If the cat is very fierce, don't try to force brushing your teeth. You can also eat some cats with clean oral effects with mouthwash. Brushing your cats must be gradual, don't let the cats feel too much conflict at once.

  2. Clean family pet cats, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the cat hair. Then blow its cat's nest and take a bath for the cat, so that the cat is much cleaner.

  3. The daily cleaning methods for family pet cats include: clean bathing, choosing cat sand, cleaning hair, and regular insect repellent.

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