2 thoughts on “Why do cats and dogs have skin diseases?”

  1. Cats and dogs, there are many reasons for skin diseases. It may be that the hygiene is not good, or something that is easy to get infected, so it is best to keep your body clean.

  2. The causes include external factors and internal factors: 1. External factors mainly include dog's skin hygiene, humid living environment, excessive sunlight, external material stimulation, and worm biting. 2. The internal factors include allergic reactions, nutritional disorders and certain diseases caused by various factors, which reduces the immunity and resistance of the dog. Bathing with a paddy medicine, twice a week in the early days, once every month after better, it can achieve the effect of preventing and treating skin diseases.生 The living environment remains sanitary and dry. When pets go out and disinfect their feet, deworming regularly, supplementing nutrition, vitamins and protein, are healthy and resistance will be strong.

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