5 thoughts on “Why are there so many stray cats in the society now? Where are they wandering?”

  1. There are many reasons why there are so many stray cats in the society. For example, some cats run away with other cats because of their estrus. After that, these cats can’t remember the way home, but the owner of another cat is reluctant to want to It will cause these cats to become stray cats. Especially some female cats prefer to run out when they are in estrus, but running out because of the estrus often goes far away, so it is easy to cause the road to go home, so that it will make yourself fall in the way The homeless situation will naturally form a stray cat.
    Memom cats mate with other cats during the estrus, but they can't remember the way home. The owner of another cat is reluctant to take this female cat, so this female cat Can only wander. In order to survive this kind of female cat wandering, they will definitely find some prey and find food for the belly. In the later period, the kittens are produced. No one will be adopted by these kittens to become stray cats.
    Of course, some people do not want to raise and do n’t want to raise them, so they directly drive the cats out. Of course, some people will put these cats in the wild to let the cats destroy themselves. Cats increase. In fact, it is also recommended here that since cats are raised, they should be responsible and do not discard it casually. After all, it is a cruel wild life for cats and their survival will be severely tested after being discarded.
    Lita cats are usually in some garbage dumps, around the community, or in the wild. Some cats have been discarded, but due to a trust in people, they may stay in the community. Some lovers will give up some foods in the future and will make stray cats survive. Some stray cats stay in some garbage dumps, because there will be some food residues in the dump, so they will find food in the garbage dump. Of course, cats will go to the wild to hunt for life. The cat itself has the nature of hunting. He likes to catch mice. When safety is threatened and survival is threatened, this instinct will be stimulated.

  2. Because many cat raised people are considering before raising cats, there is no enough time and energy to take care of the cat after raising cats. In the end, they have to discard the cat. As a result, many stray cats appear now. Find food in the garbage pile.

  3. Because many people are unwilling to raise cats now, and many cats have a lot of cubs, they will not support them, so most people will throw it away. Wandering cats are generally wandering in the community because there will be food over there.

  4. Because many people don't like cats and think cats are very dirty, they abandon them, and they are generally wandering on the street.

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