5 thoughts on “What are the reasons why stray cats and stray dogs are so many now?”

  1. Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for stray cats and stray dogs. One is that the owner abandons, the other is that pets are thrown into stray cats and dogs, and the third is caused by natural factors. Of course, there are some factors such as pets to escape from the owner, which is also the cause of the increase in stray cats and dogs, but the above three reasons are the main factor of the increase in stray cats and dogs. rn一、弃养rn有的宠物主人很可能是因为一时冲动所以才养了宠物,但当他们养了宠物后,会发现自己没办法照顾宠物,例如没时间管、没Economic conditions, family members disagree, neighbor complaints, etc. Under such circumstances, some pet owners will choose to foster their pets in pet shops, or they will be given away, but some pet owners may be troublesome and will directly release their pets so that pets wander in the city and themselves Self -destruction. It can be said that abandonment is one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of stray cats and stray dogs.
    . Lost
    Although some pet owners have the ability to take care of their pets, they may be too careless, so they will not find the pets. Under such circumstances, if the throwing pet is not taken away by a kind or rescue person, then they can only wander in the city. You know, this kind of thing is actually not uncommon, and many stray cats and stray dogs are formed.
    . Natural factors
    The natural factors are actually well understood. It mainly refers to the number of stray cats and stray dogs that produce the next generation by breeding, thereby increasing the number of stray cats and stray dogs. You know, whether it is a stray cat or a stray dog ​​still has the nature of animals, they will naturally breed the next generation when appropriate. What's more, the breeding ability of cats and dogs is not bad. If their children fail to be rescued after birth, they will still become stray cats and stray dogs when they grow up. Therefore, natural factors are also one of the reasons for the number of stray cats and stray dogs.
    The summary, the number of stray cats and stray dogs increase is mainly because of the three reasons, one is abandonment, the other is to lose, and the third is natural factors.

  2. It is because there are more and more people who do not have quality now, and many people have decided that they did not end after the pets, so the situation of pets was particularly serious, coupled with the influence of rabies. Related pet funds management of related pet funds management The foundation has not strengthened management, and the breeding speed of this stray animal is relatively fast.

  3. The puppies given to the bitch at home do not want to raise themselves, or the owner is going abroad, leaving home, etc., so I chose to discard. Without management, these dogs have disorderly breeding from generation to generation, resulting in more and more stray dogs.

  4. Maybe many people's economic conditions are not particularly good, so in life, they are unable to keep stray cats and stray dogs, and they may also discard their pets directly.

  5. It is mainly because there are more people who abandon animals. Many young people have no love, or some people are afraid of being infected with animals, so this phenomenon will occur.

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