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  1. The meeting

    If it is cold or the temperature difference between day and night is large, the cat is placed by the owner to be frozen and cold. Frozen to death. Under normal circumstances, it is not recommended to place cats in the balcony, as well as in the hot summer, which is likely to cause cats to heat up of heatstroke. If the home space is small, the owner can consider going to the window on the balcony to ensure that the temperature of the room is appropriate.

    This cats will freeze to death. The normal body temperature of the cat is 37.5-39 degrees. If the surrounding environment temperature is too low, below 15 degrees, the cat is likely to be being able to be being affected by no warm measures. Frozen to death. Cats are the animals that are afraid of cold. In cold weather, they like to drill a quilt or stay in other warm places. It has a certain warmth effect on its body, but it also requires the surrounding environment temperature to maintain a certain range to maintain the normal body temperature of the body.

    This symptoms of frostbite in winter
    Mild: mainly appear on the tip of the ear, meat pads, and tails. Cats with mild frostbite are just frostbite on the surface of the skin, and the frostbite parts are swollen. The pain is not obvious, and these reactions will disappear after a few days.
    If: The whole layer of the skin will be frostbite, and the skin is diffused edema. Water blisters will occur when the frostbite is then. When the blisters are ruptured, ulcers will be formed, and the healing speed is very slow.
    The weight: The cat's skin loses consciousness because of the cold, causing necrosis of the affected area, and a large redness and swelling around the surrounding area. If you do not do first aid, you will threaten cats.

    This should pay attention to keep warm in winter

    Net to prepare warm cat nests
    The warm cushion, blankets and other warm products in cat nests. Can't blow the wind.

    This temperature furnace temperature

    It can be used to maintain the temperature of the room, placed in the position where the cat is waiting, you must pay attention to whether the chassis is stable and whether it will be being being stable and whether it will be being. When the cat pushes, if the heating stove falls, it will automatically power off. It can also be appropriately turned on the air conditioner to adjust the ambient temperature, but pay attention to the humidity of the air to avoid excessive drying and generating static electricity.

  2. Don’t put it on the balcony, if you do n’t have a closed cat, you must not raise a cat because the cat is active because the cat is a good animal. If you accidentally fall, it will be troublesome and the temperature difference between the balcony is relatively large. Very unfavorable

  3. Answer: It can be nourished, as long as it is not freezed in winter. Cats, as a dumb, smart and lively animal, have a long history as a family pet. In Europe and the United States, the family cat is particularly high. At the beginning of the 20th century, a zoologist in the United States first invented the product of Cat Tree (cat climbing frame), the purpose was to treat increasingly serious ...

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