5 thoughts on “In fact, cats eat mice?”

  1. In fact, cats eat mice. They are natural enemies, and cats like to eat mice, but now this cat has almost become ornamental animals. People like them very much. I don't want to catch the mice anymore, and the mice are not so easy to catch, so now the cats do not like to eat mice.

  2. First: The cat will bring the mouse to the owner to invite merit, so that the owner will give it food rewards.
    : Cat grabbing mice is to play, which is also the fundamental reason for cat catching mice. The cat's static vision is not good, but the cat's dynamic vision is strong enough to imagine. (For example, cats are interested in shaking cat sticks).
    third: Cats need to eat meat, and obtain a substance called "taurine" from the meat. Materials such as taurine are too important for cats. Let cat get rid of heart failure, better protect the cat's brain, and let the cat's brain develop complete. The success rate of cat hunting mice is higher, as high as 60%, but even so, cats will still choose birds to eat. Only when they are not hunting, cats choose to eat mice to supplement taurine.

  3. Cats are mice
    that is one of its prey
    wild cats mostly have the ability to hunt
    The captured prey is a variety of small animals
    R n The prey caught is all eaten

  4. Cats can eat mice, because cats are natural enemies of mice, and then mice will be afraid of cats. This is a law of survival in nature.

  5. Cats can eat mice, or they can choose not to eat mice. As long as the nutrition is sufficient, he can not capture mice to supplement nutrition.

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