5 thoughts on “How long does it take to feed the cat?”

  1. You can eat cans for cats every 1-2 weeks. Each time you can stir the cans in cat food, let the cats mix with cat food together.
    It canned cats is a high -energy and high -protein food. For pet cats, this is a big meal, so you should be cautious when eating canned food. A lot of feeding may endanger cat's health.

  2. Canned cats generally can be fed once a week. This thing can only be used as a cat's snacks. You must not be a staple food. Occasionally asking once like eating a hot pot once and occasionally eating a skewers. This is a reason. It is absolutely impossible to be a staple food for cats. aqui Te amo.

  3. How long does it take to feed the kitten canned food? Well, I feel that you should look at yourself for three or twice a week.

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