1 thought on “Is it useful for cats to make mistakes?”

  1. It is useless to make a mistake in making mistakes. Not only is it useless, it will also affect the feelings between you, which will make the cat feel fear of you and even have a humble personality; therefore, remember to hate you. If you don't pay attention to it, it may cause cats to be injured. Cats must not make corporal punishment if they are randomly hit by cats. Because the cat's body is much smaller than a person, it is likely to be injured if it is beaten.
    Is do not use violence when training cats! The foundation of getting along with cats must be built on each other. Cats are an irreversible tear for cats! Don't use the set of dogs to raise cats, and don't use the set of dogs to deal with cats, because they don't eat this set! Once it hates you, it is troublesome, the shortest is three months, the longest is a lifetime. Therefore, if you are too fierce, it may no longer like you in this life, it is difficult to change it back.
    This correction skills of cat mistakes. After the cat does not do it, it is useless to bring it to the scene of the crime to preach. Cats are forgetful animals. Even if they were rebuked because of their things just now, it would not understand why they were reprimanded.

    Is when it does not do, at this time, it should be "no" immediately, "feed" loudly. Of course, the cat did not stop acting because of listening to the owner's words, but stopped the action because he heard a huge voice. If you do this repeatedly, the cat will slowly feel that it will be reprimanded loudly, so it will have a headache, so he will never do it again.
    does not mean that criticism can be allowed tomorrow, but when you should be patient with the same attitude. If people give up their own way, then the hard work of this before. In this way, cats will be proud of.
    Is when the owner reprimanded the cat, the cat sat on the ground and looked at it, but he didn't look up at the owner: "Dare not look directly at the owner's eyes ..." The cat already knew his mistakes, and he had repentance and reproduced. Heart. This action is often mistaken for the reprimand of the owner. On the contrary, looking up at the owner, he said he didn't know where he was wrong.
    The praise to the cat is exaggerated. Although the cat can't understand the owner's words, it is very clear about the different sound and praise sound. When cats are praised, it will also get better, so the effect of education gradually increases. Of course, it is important to praise afterwards.

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