I was born on October 13, 1980 (September 1, September 1, Lunar Calendar) at 9 am. Please help me measure my birthday character. What does my five elements lack?

3 thoughts on “I was born on October 13, 1980 (September 1, September 1, Lunar Calendar) at 9 am. Please help me measure my birthday character. What does my five elements lack?”

  1. The lunar calendar does not match the date of the solar calendar, please confirm

    Male life: Born at 9:0 % on October 13, 1980

    R n
    The injury -printed day ratio
    Eight characters: Geng Bingji
    Shen Yi Wei n
    The good habits of hydration:
    In fish tanks in the north in the north of the home, black fish is better, the number is six, seven, and ten. You can store water in the bathtub while bathing. You can worship the water and moon Guanyin at home. Do n’t burn incense often. It is best to turn it off at night. Blue carpets can be placed at the foot of the office. Must clean up the debris and garbage in the home. Water paintings are hung at home or office, such as rivers and lakes, waterfalls, and marine life. The following auspicious words in the family can be pasted: "Bai Futu Lin Gate", "Ruya Water", "Golden Water", "Wanjia Sheng Buddha", placing pure water and mineral water around you, wearing sunglasses, the bedroom is connected to the toilet, the bedroom is connected to the toilet, the bedroom Keep the toilet clean and hygienic. The toilet is beautifully decorated, the more time to stay in the bathroom every day, the better. Don't make the kitchen open. Drink soup often, avoid hot pot and barbecue.

    The color of the water:
    blue, black, gray

    The residential Feng Shui Buki:
    The floor uses wooden floors and wooden furniture, and flowers and trees are placed in the house to live in the forest. Do not sleep copper bed, and sleep on the wooden bed, the sheets are green with green, and use a green pillow (set).
    The four green Wenchang wood transport: In 2006, the four greens were in the northwest, the four greens in 2007 were west, the four greens in 2008 were northeast, the four green in 2009 was in Zhengnan, and the four green in 2010 was in the north. If there is a window in this side, open the window, or raise the four branches of Wenchang bamboo.
    It the increase of wood transportation in the house: a flute hanging on the bedside or desk, or the "bamboo report" picture of Zheng Banqiao hanging on the wall.
    If a party needs to be bronze to turn five yellow and two blacks, the red envelope with oolong tea can be placed in the copper ware to play a beautiful use. Put the potted at the toilet. The name of the residential community has "garden", "garden", "village" and so on. Tigers, rabbits, cat dolls or rabbits, cat pets are placed at home.

    Men people who are born in the sun have a solid farmer and a gentle character. It will become lonely people.
    The people who were born in the day of their own days were too fierce, and coupled with too rational, it was particularly easy to worry about the sky and to find troubles.

    Is love:
    men born to the sun are very dumb and are not good at actively pursuing women. Regarding the dating of the clever arrangement, the use of masculinity to attract women's care and other techniques and other techniques reflect the upright relationship. However, this nature has stirred up women's maternal instincts, so there are many chances of encountering. Men in this type often have ready -made meals to eat, because many women will clean and cook in their single apartments. Even when a salesman, the clumsy person is generally better than the people's career. This more acceptable and honest personality enables them to achieve good results in love or shopping malls. However, people born in Gengnian have a tendency to take the initiative to pursue.

    It serious, upright, and tirelessly studying one thing is its own characteristics. No one can go right, even if you repeat the same work daily, you will not get tired of it. Most of the general positions can be competent, but it is best to engage in work that can use some specific technology or mechanical principles. In addition, due to the potential of unknown heroes, tyrants, language promoters, and corporates are the most appropriate. The perforation machine operator of the electronic computer is also included.
    This, technicians, researchers, etc., and other people who have contributed to the results are very suitable for those who are very suitable for themselves. Some people have developed in the traditional craftsmanship, and Go famous Lin Haifeng has its own characteristics.
    , as mentioned earlier, Wu is very good for civil engineering or real estate, and it is active in the processing industry of the soil, such as the ceramic industry, tiles, and refractory materials. The industry is also included. Occupations related to the underground can also be considered, such as the subway business, the building administrator, and the parking lot administrator. The people of Ren Nian were quite rational. Because he could work hard and work hard, he was able to use his honesty. No one is more suitable for the guardian guards than him, which is very trustworthy.

    In wealth:
    , although the same is soil, people who are more inclined to spend money; and they will concentrate on saving money. This type of person neither wants to spend a lot of money or use a small money. Once someone borrows money from himself, he will cleverly refuse and implement the belief of money first.
    The people's feelings of money are very outstanding, and they are longer than the use of assets. Its ability does not lose the staff of banks. They like to buy savings vouchers with prizes or post offices, and they are willing to save money or spend money on unnecessary play. Due to solid savings and earning snowball -type interest, it will live a stable elderly life.
    Peng birthday is very few exceptions. It is very generous to spend money.

    The people who are born in the sun seem to be slow, or their complexions are poor, and they can't talk about health, but he has a good resistance, and he has toughness against the disease. The common disease is the problem of the bowel. Intestinalitis, bowel cancer, etc. are the most important diseases. In addition, there may be troubles of tapeworms. Other hints such as liver disease and neuralgia.

  2. For the sake of forgiveness, strong decisiveness, strong understanding, and high ideals, if you do not learn more and more capable, you are beautiful and beautiful. Do not like the worldly etiquette and law, the behavior is easy to become willful, the personality is strong, and sometimes it is too extreme.
    women's fate Good, his wife is a childhood or relative. The wife's appearance is better.
    05 years of heterogeneous fate, love fails, and emotional troubles. .
    This year is more auspicious, there are signs of moving.

    I n -day -to -day birthday, the cemetery, the wealth is not allowed, the wealth is a good fortune. In the month of the month, the gas is getting gas, and the earthly branch has strong roots, and the wood is powerful. , During the moon, there are strong roots of the earthly branch, and the wounded officials are powerful. The earthly branch is the shoulder, and the Japanese Lord must be strong. Luwang helps to help.
    R n The lack of five elements, water, wood.
    Plord work or career development direction to the north or Oriental development in the place of birth, work or career is the most related to water and wood. For example Wait.

    If an error, please forgive me.

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