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  1. I think we should understand those who treat their pets as their children, because such people are either people who are lonely in their daily life, people who especially love small animals, or even those small pets and her between her and her It is not necessarily that there is a story.
    Anyone who should not be a bad person, because only kindergarten can be so good -minded to protect small animals, and they all regard their pets as their children, and they can be unhappy!
    I have a female girlfriend. She is a person who especially likes puppies and kittens, and she is still raising a pet dog called "Xiaowei". Like the name of her ex -boyfriend, I I think at this time everyone should be able to know what I want to say next.
    . My girlfriend and her boyfriend have been together for nearly seven years, but in the end, she still broke up. She secretly hid in the bed and cried, and she would not show her weakness in front of outsiders.
    . When she was in love with her boyfriend, she raised a stray dog ​​together. The stray dog ​​was picked up from the garbage station. At that time, the puppy was about to dying. She is kind and has a good dog, so she decided to take a puppy to see a doctor with a discussion with her, and then took it home.
    The puppy was raised together at that time, and the dog was also very cute. It would never grow. If you do n’t bite, you are so “coquettish” in the arms, in short, it is a particularly loving puppy.
    Ww they take a bath for the puppy, feed it to eat, and take it out to go shopping. Anyway, they will not forget the puppy. It is father, one is a mother, a beautiful past.
    In the two of them separated, my girlfriend left the puppy, and also changed the name of the puppy to her ex -boyfriend's name. The call, and the puppy passed when she heard her son calling her son, snuggling in her arms, and seeing it particularly enjoyable.
    Actually, I know that my girlfriend treats that puppy as her boyfriend, because after all, all the memories between them are basically related to this puppy. Memories are enough for me to spend this life. I think this is probably the truth.
    The story of my girlfriend is to tell everyone that don't think that others treat pets very delicately, and even call their sons and daughters how to get dripping because you have not experienced their lives, There is no right to comment on their behavior!

  2. In fact, such a type of people, their hearts are very lonely, because no one can accompany them, or none of them can accompany themselves. At this time, they will have some pets and put their feelings for their feelings. It is pinned on these animals, but some people are ridiculous. They do not like pets, nor do they really treat pets as their children, but they just want outsiders to think they are kind. Let me talk about it. I know a female classmate. She raised a white bunny in their dormitory, which was particularly cute.
    Is when this girl was holding her rabbit outside, she always showed particularly gentle, and slowly stroked the rabbit, but she told me that she didn't like the rabbit at all, and raised rabbits just wanted to attract boys Attention, she wants boys to know that she is a girl who is very gentle and likes small animals. In fact, she is right. The boy likes such a girl, but her behavior really makes me feel disgusting. Don't raise it if you are a small animal. Not only are girls, some boys are also in this heart. If you pretend to have a cute puppy, just walk around outside. Some girls who like puppies will stop and touch the little. Dogs, at this time, the opportunity to raise a dog will come.
    I I think like these people are particularly abnormal, obviously disliked, and I have to pretend to be a parent for their pets, but there are many old and grandpasters. Treating pets as their children, most of these elderly people can't see their children, that is, the so -called empty nest elderly, so they only have to think of children's feelings on pets, just like me the most. As they started, their hearts were lonely. Only in this way can they have some comfort in their lonely hearts.

  3. People who are generally willing to raise pets are more caring, but they are not absolutely like this. There are also many people just because life is too lonely and boring, so they are willing to raise a pet to pass the time, and many of them will treat pets as children. People are basically some middle -aged or young people who have no male and female friends. They all need pets to accompany their lives.
    It some pets are very spiritual, and speaking with it actually understands it, so there will be a lot of single people in the current society that they are willing to raise it, so that a person will not feel lonely, and even get bigger, he will be bigger, and no matter how old you are, you will be big. There will be a kind of inner sustenance when frustrations and grievances will always be with you, otherwise it is too difficult to live alone.
    The people who are willing to raise pets really like animals in the heart. They think animals are more reliable than humans. Raising a pet at least will not bite you in turn in turn, sometimes better than men than men. This creature such as a girlfriend is more reliable. In fact, the root cause is caused by the forced life. If it wasn't because of a person's life in life too difficult, wouldn't be willing to do such a thing.
    . The elderly will be willing to treat pets as children. Basically, they are basically because their children are not accompanying them now, because they miss them because they miss them on these pets, at least raising these pets can always be at all times Accompanied by your side, bringing some fun to life, just like taking care of your children before, you won't think about finding things to do things. Life will not be so difficult.
    So people who treat their pets as children are because of their feelings on these pets. Moreover, the behavior of pets is actually the same as taking care of children. There is no big difference, but the types are different.

  4. Pets are petting. People raising pets treat pets as their children, showing people's pets for pets. I think this is a normal thing. Of course, I just want to pet my pet.
    Sometimes no one says that people usually tell their pets to vent their emotions, such as cats, dogs, dogs, such as dogs, which are particularly sincere animals to the owner. For people, a dog is a ten -year feeling for you, and for later, he dedicated it to the companionship for a lifetime, so it is not an exaggeration to treat pets as his son and daughter.
    I. I raised a hamster named Lan Ran and a hamster bears called Pig Bear. When I teased them every day, I would call my mother, my baby, son, and the like. They are very cute, often selling cute. When taking pictures for them, they seem to be expensive to find a camera. When they do wrong things, they feel that they can understand that I can speak well. Often causing me and my roommates to cry and laugh. I think the shoveling officers with pets will call them this way. Because they are with you, for us, they are not just pets.
    So you ask this question to say that it is inappropriate to treat pets as children? Life is equal. Don't think of what you think too much, and don't think of the animals too low, everyone has the right to enjoy equality. You can't think that others are higher.
    I think that everyone should look at them with an equal attitude, instead of thinking that I am your master and I will have this mentality of you. Still, everything is equal. Can't think of who is one -class, who is low. I hope that the shoveling officers can treat their pets as their children, take care of them carefully, and let them feel the happiness of the family.

  5. I raised a Siamese cat and had this idea.
    The daughter was going to raise it. I did not agree. Later, I couldn't hold the child's bitter begging, and finally raised one. When I first came, I felt so ugly. Don't like it either. After a period of familiarity, I slowly felt its cuteness. After a long time, it can also tell who is the best in this family. Whenever you get home from get off work, you can hear its call from far away. As soon as the door is opened, it must be squatting on the shoes The cabinet is waiting for you, and when you see you, you will arch you from time to time, let you know its existence. If there is no cat food, it will scream and shout at you with a clear voice, like a one The hungry child is like you want to eat. Looking at its big eyes, it feels like looking at a baby. It is really cute. No matter where you are at home, it will always stay next to you. It really treats it as a member of the family unknowingly and is his own children.

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