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  1. Tancao changing the prince -Tanuka
    of course, it is our famous raccoon cat, how famous is the story of the "Cat Cat changed prince". It is said that at least before the Song Dynasty, the civet cat was famous in China.
    Big oranges are heavy -yellow raccoon
    yellow raccoon is the orange cat we often call, they are named yellow with yellow, yellow raccoon has short hair cats and long hair cats. The most important characteristic of yellow raccoon is that they can eat and fat. It is said that ten yellow raccoon nine fats, and one crushing.
    Indong Little Lions -Linqing Lion Cat
    It is said to have a Shandong Lion Cat in Linqing, Shandong, and has the descendants of Persian cats and Bruceta cats. It is very cold -tolerant. In ancient Shandong lion cats, they were also tribute to the emperor's pet. Among them, pure white long hair was the most precious.
    Ilvas Symbol -Xuan Cat
    In I do n’t know why many people say that black cats are a symbol of doom, but in ancient China, black cats were used to ward off evil spirits. Xuan color is the royal color of the ancient emperor, and the red refers to red, so the black cat is characterized by the dark body, black in the black, and the status of Xuan Cat has always been in ancient times.
    The master of mouse catchers — Jianzhou Cat
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat originated in Jianyang, Sichuan. Jianzhou cat hunting skills are very excellent and agile. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, they were dedicated to the imperial palace as a royal tribute. Sichuan Jianyang was also famous for its tribute cats.

  2. Chinese cat ranking, what kind of varieties, do you want to know how they rank

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is hello, here is looking for a delicate answer for you, please wait patiently for a while.nHello, you, the separate cats and wild cats are the widespread pets in families around the world. The category of cats belongs to the cat family, and the separate cats and wild cats are relatively wide pets in families around the world. The Chinese name of the basic information about cat Latin scientific name Felis Catus classification method is related to the classification of cats. Due to the different countries, and the translation of the text of various countries, there are many different versions. But the change is inseparable from its ancestors. Except for the differences in the name, no matter how they divide it, they cannot be separated from the following methods: 1. Divided by the living environment a. Family cat: refers to cats raised after human domestication, but and and and of. It will not be too dependent on humans, and still retain the instinct of independent survival. b. Wild cat: Originally the ancestors of the cat, living in the wild environment such as deserts, mountains and forests. In biological history, cats have appeared in the first two million years ago. 2. Divided into a variety of breeding A. Purebred cats: It refers to the cat species carefully cultivated by people after several years and generations, and strictly control their reproductive procedures to avoid the degradation of the variety and the international cat passed through the international cat. Organize recognized varieties. The genetic characteristics of this type of cat are very stable, with similar characteristics between kittens and parent cats, and each cat has a bloodline record, including gender, variety, body characteristics, and their ancestors. b. Hylag cats: refers to the varieties that are not controlled by man -controlled and reproduced by themselves. The genetic characteristics of such cats are very unstable. Different hair colors often appear among the same nest kittens. Many people are collectively referred to as local cats in China. 3. Divide the cats of the cats and shorts. A. Long -haired cats: The representative is the Maine Cat, Lagdor Cat, Himalaya Cat, Persian Cat and Somali Cat.

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  5. Earth cats, we generally call it Chinese pastoral cat, are our most common home cats. They are the most popular cat species in the world. They have a strong physique. The varieties of native cats are: Chinese raccoon cats, orange cats, mysterious cats, black and white cats, three flower cats, Sichuan Jianzhou cats, Shandong lion cats.

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