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  1. Cats are a very alert pet. Cats can lie on the owner's chest to sleep, which shows that cats trust the pet owner very much, and cats are also very sensitive to the environment of living. Cats' vigilance is generally based on the trust of the owner. Therefore, it is not recommended to let the unfamiliar friends visit home, which may cause some stress reactions of the cat.
    It, especially for cats with smaller courage, this may also aggravate the stress reaction, causing some problems in the urinary system. Therefore, in order to reduce cat's stress, cats should be kept in a more comfortable environment, reducing strange pets and strangers to stimulate, causing cats to have some other problems.
    Extension information:
    It must not take a bath when the kitten is a month. To observe it vaccination.
    Is when the cat is free to move indoors and places where cats move, some plants are toxic for cats and should be closed where the cat may climb in.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Cat

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