1 thought on “Why does the cat make a "click" sound before catching the insects?”

  1. In order to reduce the risk of their prey, cats will tremble rapidly, bite the prey's neck, so that the prey cannot move. When there is no prey in the mouth, the rapid tremor of the jaw will produce a "click" sound, so the cat will Only when you catch the worm.
    The sounds that cats can make, so in fact, the cat's strange sound is not terrible. When cats catch bugs, they will find that those sounds are likely to imitate the sound of prey, or use other voices to achieve the purpose of confusion, temptation, and departure, so that the cat's hunting is smoother.
    Meze -raising
    The don't be too close to the kitten, because if you are too close to the kitten, it will affect everyone's health. Generally, there will be a lot of bacteria in animals. Once you should wash yourself carefully.
    The people must train kittens from a young age. You can prepare a basin for the kitten in the home. Putting soil in the pot. He often calls where the kittens are urinating. This exercise is necessary, otherwise it will be troublesome.

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