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  1. Cat deworming is mainly divided into internal and external deworming. Internal deworming is generally taken, and in vitro deworming, in vitro, in vitro ticks are used to drip on the cat's skin. Let ’s share some precautions about cat deworming. The pet owner can look down.
    1. Prepare before deworming
    If during the period of the cat, the pet owner should not repel the cat deworming, and wait for the body to recover to make the internal drive. There are also some cats who have just vaccinated. They need to be observed for a few days to replace the environment, and cats during pregnancy are not recommended.
    2, the choice of deworming products

    If the cat's state is good, the owner must choose the choice of deworming supplies. Cats use. The owner can choose a cat like a meow Wang Qingyou. This type of cat deworming products are more suitable for cats.
    3. Pay attention to the reaction after deworming

    Pelasum after deworming in the body, some cats may have diarrhea and decreased appetite. Meow wants to help cats care for stomach health and reduce the occurrence of such situations.

  2. Kitten, how to drive the cat deworming medicine to remove insects for pet hospitals? Take the kitten by the instructions. You can drive insects.

  3. The kitten wants to go heavy. If you have a bug on your body, you can use some pet deworming medicine for him to deal with him.

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