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  1. The normal breathing frequency of cats is generally 120-180 times, 30-40 times per minute. During the breeding process, it is very important to pay attention to the cat's respiratory health.
    The cat's sleeping measurement:
    1. The number of cats in the cat is 120-180 times per minute, and the number of breathing is 30-40 times per minute. When the cat's breathing frequency increases to about 50 times per minute, even when breathing or abdominal breathing, it is necessary to consider the possibility of a cat's illness. Most of the cats have symptoms of breathing too fast, most of which are suffering from upper respiratory tract, lung or thoracic disease.
    2. Measted the time when the cat is resting, and the stomach is up and down to breathe once. The owner measures the number of times the cat's breathing within 15 minutes, and by 4, he can get the cat's breathing times per minute. In order to prevent too large data errors, the owner can measure a few more times. If the data is abnormal, you must seek medical treatment in time.
    How to measure heartbeat when cat sleeps?
    1. Calculating cat's heartbeat is best to choose the cat's sleep time. The anger cats and the heartbeat after exercise will increase. If the indoor temperature is high in summer, the cat's heartbeat and breathing number will increase.
    2. While the cat is sleeping, touching the ribs on the inside of the cat's elbow, you can feel the cat's heartbeat, record the number of cats' heartbeat in 15 minutes, and then take 4 to get the number of cats breathing per minute.
    Is when cats are raised, pay attention to accompany the cat.

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