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  1. Those who sell cat food near eight acres can find large supermarkets or pet shops.
    Cat feeding common sense
    The kittens
    Stit less meals, pay attention to fixed, quantitative, and point.
    time: feed at a fixed time every day to develop good eating habits. Quantitative: Do not fall too much for meals. As the cat grows older, the amount of meals of kittens gradually increased at a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will remain stable by more than eight months.
    General cats of about 2 months have to eat more than 5 or 6 times a day. The kitten usually feeds four times a day three months ago, such as 9 o'clock in the morning, 12:00 noon, 6 pm and 10 pm. From March to June, feed three times a day. Six months after six months.
    Is that the milk for kittens is not enough or without milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are larger, you can add some rice noodles to the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause dilute, because the kitten cannot digest milk well.
    The cats
    Cats entered the stage of cat at the age of 12 months. The cat's body and digestive system have been basically mature, and they can better digest and absorb nutrients. Cheng Cat needs full -price and balanced nutrition in nutrition, maintaining the best health state of the cat at the same time to prevent aging.
    Is when cats are over 7 years old, they will have many health problems, especially in metabolism, such as eyes. Give them low -fat and low -energy foods to help them maintain normal weight. In addition, the content of cellulose in food should be ensured to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal, reducing the content of magnesium and phosphorus to maintain the health of the urinary system and kidney. In addition, try to digest food that is easy to digest.
    In the weight of the cat to ensure that the cat's weight is within the normal range, and feed according to the advice of veterinarians and nutritionists. Evaluate the cat's physical condition regularly and adjust the amount of food feeding based on physical conditions. Gently scratching the cat's chin will increase the cat's favor to you.
    Ilads to process foods, cat food, snacks, etc. that are consumed by home -raising pets for long -term food, and the intake of various food additives will continue to destroy the balance of pet gastrointestinal flora, which will easily cause constipation, dilute, and indigestion, so It is necessary to supplement pet probiotics to maintain the health of the stomach.

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