5 thoughts on “Is the high -cold pet cat from the ancient Egypt of desert?”

  1. Introduction: Most people have a pet cat at home, because cats have always been pets that everyone likes very much. Many people are also very curious about this phenomenon. I don't know where this kind of pet cat comes from? I will tell you today that the cold pet cats at home are derived from the ancient Egypt of Desert?
    . Is it derived from the ancient Egypt of Desert? According to traditional investigations, according to the cat's DNA, in fact, the pet cats at that time had appeared in ancient Egypt. If you pay attention to calligraphy and painting, you can see the existence of cats in the murals of the Nile. At that time, people also preferred cats, so cats have already appeared in ancient Egypt. No wonder the pet cats are more and more popular among their owners. Nowadays.
    . Why did people like to raise cats at that time? At that time, the level of living was constantly developing, and people maintained their lives by hunting, but there were often some rats and mice in the home, so mice neck cats appeared. The emergence of cats has caused many people to solve their troubles, because cats will not be damaged after the cats and mice are eaten. Therefore, people's living standards have also changed, and they will not be harassed by mice. At that time, people regarded cats as a hero, thinking that only cats who caught mice were good cats.
    3. What are the benefits of cats? In fact, most people raising cats to prevent mice from eating food at home, because the mice have bacteria, and if the food that has been eaten by a mouse will be eaten into the body, there will be a certain disease. After having a cat at home, you can obviously feel that the number of mice is decreasing, because such cats and humans have reached a consensus, and it is increasingly liked by humans. Some cats also sleep with their cats, because in this way, they can better take care of the cats.

  2. According to the survey and research of traditional scholars, there are related DNA evidence that cats have been distributed in the New Moon Wo -region in the Neolithic era, which is the earliest ancient Egypt. And there are records about cats in the murals of the temple on the Nile River, which means that at that time, people had the tradition of cat raising.

  3. Yes, the place where it originally originated from the ancient Egypt. But many people still like this animal in life. I feel that this animal especially likes cleanliness.

  4. Yes, the relatively cold pet cats in life now originate from ancient Egypt. It is a desert cat. The smaller body is derived from the United States.

  5. Pet cats did come from the ancient Egyptian period. Because the ancient Egyptian period was the first to appear human civilization, it would attract a lot of pet cats.

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