3 thoughts on “How long is the life of a cat?”

  1. The lifespan of pet cats is between 12-17 years.

    1 gene differences, long hair cats are generally greater than short -haired cats.
    2. The life of the indoor cat is longer than the wild cat (the life of the wild cat is about 3-6 years, and the cats are generally more than ten years).
    3. Female cats have a long life of the male (female cat 15-17 years, and the male cat 13-15 years).
    4. The life of a sterilized cat is longer than the cats with underay sterilization (according to data, the life of 1-2 years can be extended).

  2. The cat's life span is 8 to 14 years, the cat is mature at age from June to October, adapted to the age of 1 year, and the female is 10 to December. Cats are seasonal and estrus animals. Except for summer, they can estrus all year round, but they are mostly in spring and autumn. Cats and rabbits are typical irritating ovulation animals. Only through mating stimuli can ovulation (25 to 27h ovation). During pregnancy, 60-68d, with an average of 63D. Breastfeeding 60d, sex cycle 14D. Cats of more than 8 years have entered their seniority and are not suitable for reproduction.

  3. Cats belong to cats. Divided into cats and wild cats are relatively widely of pets around the world. Under normal circumstances, the life of cats is about 13-15 years, but there are also some cats who can live to 20 years old, which is equivalent to a century -old man in human beings. Generally speaking, male cats have a longer life than female cats; cats that have been sterilized will be slightly longer than those without sterilization.

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