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  1. Familiar with the living habits of pet cats, and understand the food preferences of pet cats; according to the growth rate of pet cats, feeding pet cats in a timely and appropriate amount; food for pet cats should be healthy and nutritious. What are the precautions of pet cats? Familiar with the living habits of pet cats, and understand the food that pet cats preferences; according to the growth rate of pet cats, feeding pet cats in a timely manner; Comprehensive food.
    1. Familiar with the habits of life
    First of all, you need to figure out the living habits of pet cats, and understand which types of foods you like and which foods you like and are not suitable for feeding. What can be feed raw food and which should be cooked to feed ... this is very important.
    2. Timely amount of timely
    The feeding according to the growth stage and physiological status of pet cats. Determine the number of feeding and feeding time according to pet growth. Generally, you should eat less and eat less. The amount of each feeding must be controlled, don't feed too much. Excessive feeding or suddenly replacement of food will affect its digestive function. It will cause gastroenteritis and gastrointestinal dilation, indigestion, and cause death. When pet appetite is not good, sometimes he simply let him go hungry for a while to restore appetite. You know, many pets have been accustomed to hunger and full life before being favored by people, and regular meals, sometimes they feel unaccustomed.

    3. Food should be hygienic
    strictly put the "import". Compared with domestic animal and poultry, most pets have strong disease resistance and are not easy to get sick. But it cannot be ignored to prevent "disease from the mouth." Do not feed pets with sick and poisoned livestock and poultry meat, do not feed corpses, rotten, and do not feed corruption or moldy foods. Otherwise, it is easy to cause digestive tract infectious or toxic diseases, and it is often too late to rescue. Some people like to eat the remaining chicken bone fish thorns, residual soup to feed dogs and cats, etc., which not only cannot keep up with nutrition, but also often easily hurt the mouth, throat and esophagus. You should try your best to avoid it.
    4. Nutrition should be comprehensive
    The nutritional nutrition should be comprehensive and balanced. Pets are generally small and relatively small, so pay more attention to comprehensive feed nutrition. There are many pet stores produced by many manufacturers now. Generally, the nutritional matching is more reasonable and there is no need to re -match it by itself. However, if you are preparing the feed yourself, you must pay attention to the reasonable allocation of various nutrients in the feed to ensure that protein, carbohydrates, fats and minerals, vitamins and other components are complete, and the proportion is appropriate. For commercially available meat products such as ham and sausage, it may contain pigment, preservatives, etc., and should not be used for a long time. In particular, pay attention to different seasons, different kinds of pets, and nutritional needs in different growth and development stages. It is best to add special nutrition agents.

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