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  1. First, the body is moderate, the muscles are strong, the limbs are thick but not bent, walking normally, and pulling the legs and feet with hands and feet. The kitten belly is slightly protruding.
    . The hair is smooth and smooth without peeling, dandruff or scabs. There are not many hair loss. The hair color is smooth. Cats are healthy. Quickly check whether there are fleas -many kittens have fleas.

    . The eyes of healthy cats need to be clear and bright, without eye feces; if there is a phenomenon of tears or frequent eye feces, there are abnormal secretions in the corner of the eye, and even the pus must be careful if there are foreign objects invading the eyeballs into the eyeballs Or trauma must consider the possibility of other infections.
    . The dark gray or brown accumulation in the ears is a sign of the ear mites. The healthy cat's ears are clean and there is no odor. If the cat's ears have a lot of black or brown earwax, it may be infected with ear tapeworms.
    . The nose of a healthy cat is a bit moist, without secretions or nasal water, but if the pets are cold, nasal allergy, or upper respiratory tract infection Milk white, yellow or green pus.
    . The tongue and gums are pink. But malnutrition, parasites, and congenital anemia can make the gum blood pale.
    Seven, cats around the cat's anus must be clean, and there is no stool. If the surrounding hair is dirty or the anus is red and swollen, it may be diarrhea. There are parasites.

  2. The short -tailed cat (detail introduction)
    Since you want to buy a cat, everyone must want to choose a healthy and good cat, but many people who raise cats do not know how to judge Whether a cat is healthy. So let's talk about how to choose a healthy kitten, so that people who do n’t know have a certain understanding, and let more people do not be deceived by cat traffickers.

    1. Eyes: round eyes, bright and godlike, clear eyesless shit, and no third eyelids are exposed. 2. Nose: round nose and moist, without runny nose or other scabs. 3. Ear: short hair in the ear, clean and non -secretions. 4. Mouth: The mouth and gums are pale pink and no odor. 5. Fur: hair is shiny and neat pattern. 6. Abdomen: slightly round but non -swelling, if it expands, there may be tapeworm infection. 7. Limb: There is no bending phenomenon, running and beating are normal. 8. Anal: Clean and have no secretions or symptoms of diarrhea.
    It the quality of the cats from the appearance characteristics
    1. The appearance is healthy, lively, and angry, and must not be fat. 2. The nose is moist and shiny (exception when sleeping), the eyes are clear and bright, and there is no eye feces? 3. Moderate body development, strong muscle, thick limbs without bending. 4. Being lit and flea. I heard the call and immediately reacted. 5. A strong appetite, the tooth bed and the tongue are pink, and the teeth are bite normally. 6. The anus is clean, and the belly is slightly protruding as normal.
    The above is some basis for judging whether the cat is healthy. When we buy a cat, we can use it as a reference, so that we can better determine whether the cat I like is healthy and determine whether the cat dealer is honest and reliable. Let us reduce a lot of risks when buying cats.

  3. The best time to bring a new cat home: weekend. On the one hand, you can help the kitten to adapt to the new environment and build feelings with it. On the other hand, you can also have a lot of time to observe whether its diet and excretion are normal. 1. Choose a healthy cat to pick a lively love, sensitive response, like to play, like alert, alert, and less refusal to make people hold. Taking up the cat with one hand, it feels that its weight is heavier than it looks, which is one of the important signs to judge whether the kitten is healthy. Open the quilt, no small black spotsnOral cavity should be healthy pink without bad breath.nThe hair was smooth and smooth, and the hair was opened. No small black dots were found (the small black dot may be an excrement of fleas).nThe eyes should be clear and bright, no eye shit, a clever eyes, not afraid of seeing, not afraid of light.nThe nose should be cool and wet, and there are no secretions around.nThe ears are clean and there are no black earwood in the ear shell. Constant ears and ears odor are signs of parasites on the ear.nThe body's touch should not be too fat or thin, and the skeleton should be strong. Touching a slightly thin kitten may have a problem with the digestive system.nThe stomach should be slightly drum, and the bloated belly is a sign of the digestive tract parasitic.nThe fart and the surrounding hair should be clean, non -dirty and secretions.nWeight and teeth are the main basis for judging the age of kittens. If possible, take a look at the kitten's parents. Healthy parents are the guarantee for their children's strong and body. If you want to raise a white blue -eyed long hair cat, be careful! This cat may suffer from congenital deafness due to genetic reasons. When choosing, you can use your index finger and thumb to rub behind its ears to observe its reaction. The kitten who has no problem with ears will immediately look back when he hear this voice. Very important! Ask the cat's former owner what kind of feed to feed it and feed it several times a day. Too fast changing the recipe for the cat will cause cat digestion and diarrhea. If it is not given and effectively given treatment or even life -threatening! I also want to remind everyone: Most of the cats on the market have taken a bath the day before the sale, so it is not easy to see whether there are scarcity and illness from the body table. On the first day of bringing the cat home, carefully observe whether its excrement is normal, a cold or sneezing. The last point is: picking cats requires some experience. If possible, try not to buy cats on the market. It is recommended to adopt cats or animal protection organizations. 2. Different from the appearance characteristics of the cats. When you decide to have a cat, as a new member of the family, where do you buy love cats? How do you choose a healthy cat? It's best to find a reputable shop. As soon as you enter the cat shop, you don't look at the decoration, but to look at the sanitary status in the shop; usually there are a clean environment, and it is also a shop that will take care of cats to take care of it. It is not easy to distinguish the good or bad of the cat, but it can be roughly distinguished from the following appearance characteristics: the appearance is healthy, lively, and angry, and must not be fat. Moderate body development, strong muscle, thick limbs without bending ...

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