1 thought on “Hello, I would like to ask, is the wanderer kitten in Wuhan stray animal rescue station?”

  1. Does anyone know the contact information of the pet adoption location in Wuhan? I checked it online. Some have a phone call but not adopted. Some have no contact information. My family has two dogs. The young one is 3 years old, and the big one really doesn't know the actual age. Anyway, I have raised it for 6 years. The problem is that now my father and mother -in -law will die if they live. Otherwise, my father will send it to the restaurant. Ten thousand can't bear it, but there is really no other way. As long as dads are there, they are not pleasing to the eye, they are not kicking or playing sticks, and the puppy will shout to him. So the more dad hates them, so I will be determined to ask me. They dealt with it. I thought for several days, and the nearby pet shops did not accept it. In order not to make them wandering into a wild dog, I finally thought of the rescue station. Home, then I will feel better in my heart

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