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  1. The reason why the omnivorous family cats can't beat the rooster is mainly because the housekeeper's housekeeping ability is not lost. During the fighting process, it can fly to the cat's back or behind. Why can't the cats be able to fight chickens, remembering that there was a more than a dozen chickens in the village when they were young. This variety was native to Italy. It has the characteristics of large crowns, light body, strong physical fitness, and lively temperament. Eight or nine was chased by the rooster for a while. And the mischievous and troublesome us also use this as a kind of fun. Every time I come back from school, we must experience the joy of chasing the chicken from there.
    . In general, the reason why omnivorous home cats can't beat the rooster, mainly because the housekeeper of the rooster will not be lost. During the fighting process, it can fly quickly on the back of the cat or Behind it, the cocks and horns of the rooster are also sharp, so fighting with the rooster is basically disadvantaged.

    Why are cats afraid of cocks? Since we usually see chickens and cats, compared to more humanity, especially those cats generally do not see human detours. Instead, you go to walk. Your Yangguan Road, I passed my alone wooden bridge. However, it is very different for wild cats. Because the living environment is relatively bad and the meat is strong, it is much more courageous in hunting. When attacking wild chickens or family chickens, it is often unprepared by sneak attacks.
    However, cats generally retain the original habits, but to avoid being harmed as much as possible during the fighting process. The offensive is to keep itself to the greatest extent. You must know that in the food chain, the rooster is at the bottom of the weasel, and in real life, there are more cases of cats and dogs killing weasel.

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