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  1. 1, 2 can do it. Choose a cat to choose ordinary ones. Don't consider long hair species. Generally, you are expensive to die. And your personality is not what you want. If you do it, you can take a small carton. It is best to put a rough wooden board on the side to grind the cat's claws, otherwise your furniture will suffer. Prepare a plate with a higher edge to install food for cats, and drink water for small dishes. Remember to clean up often. There are also preparations for the cat to put a stool for the cat. You can decorate sand or sand -like things in it. You need to clean it frequently. Or teach it to go to some other places, it does not affect you and other people's daily life. It is also recommended to keep animals not leisurely. This is wrong. If you raise it, you have to feed it and make it comfortable, otherwise don't raise it.
    3, raise one. You have time to accompany it. When you are not there, it knows what to play.
    4, 5, 6, cat fights are generally for the sidelines and females. You are afraid that it is best to fight a female cat. It is best to raise animals from childhood. Easy to shape character.
    7. Collect the cat's stool and take you as a place where you want it as a toilet. Let the cats smell it. You may have to repeat a few more times to keep it in mind, and then ignore it.
    8, choose a cat, see if its eyes are turbid. If there is turbid, the cat's eyes may be infected. Looking at the instantaneous membrane (the eye) is completely open, the cats that are opened are suitable for leaving the cat mother alone. Look at the hair, is there any defects and the like. See if the teeth are rotten. Is there inflammation of the claws. Walking gait is normal. Cats are the enemies of mice. There are two types of cats. One kind of cat does not catch mice, but there is no mouse in the room, because the smell of the things secreted by its paws scares away the mouse. The other is to catch it. So don't choose specially. As for Chun, there is no legendary horror. The female cat is called, but the male cat is not as good as the female cat, and loves to visit everywhere. If you support the male cat, you may spend some time to find the cat. When they are accustomed to visiting when they are willing to come back. The female cat is more sticky.
    The questions can continue to be asked.

  2. 1. For students, cats are more suitable pets. It is not difficult to raise cats. It does not need to be brought outside like a dog all day, nor does it need a full set of equipment like fish farming. No one needs to take care of all day, even if the owner is not at home, he can live in a small space. In addition, the cat is still unconditional partner, it is easy to feed.

    2. The price of the native cats is very cheap, and it will not exceed 50 yuan. You can also go to the Wandering Animal Center to adopt a free to come back.
    The Wei Jia or Xiyue bought in the supermarket is about 50 yuan a month.
    . If Cat Sand is used in Jie Shan, it needs one pack a month, that is, about 9 liters, about 30 yuan. Cats. Cats. Sand is recommended to use better, otherwise the deodorization function is not good, and the odor of the home will be very large.
    Cat sand pots can be used to buy, about 30-40 yuan, or ordinary plastic washbasin instead instead instead of instead If you are afraid of cat litter on the floor, you can buy a closed cat toilet, or you can use a plastic tidelle to make one by yourself. This is one -time.
    Let cats play and grind your claws are all disposable. Of course, you can also make some small toys and make cat grip with hemp ropes.

    3. If it is a kitten less than six months old You can raise two. If it is more than six months, it is difficult for the cat to get along with other cats, then only one can be raised, but according to your cat's budget, it is more suitable. Cats are sleeping for more than 16 hours a day, so you don't have to worry about him without companionship, just play with him when you are out of school.

    4. It may be at the beginning that may be at the beginning. There is a contradiction with other cats, but they will divide the site by themselves, and they will eventually be in peace.

    5. It is best to raise a kitten, so that the cat is easier for you to build a relationship with you.

    6. It is easy for kittens to learn to go to the toilet in the cat sand. You can put the cat sand in the basin, and then when you see the kitten to defecate, bring the kitten to the side, use your hands to use your hands, use your hands to use your hands with your hands, use your hands to use your hands with your hands. Pla -planing in the cat sand, the kitten is very clever, it will be at a glance. When the kitten raises the tail, you can know that the kitten will urinate when you squat. Cat. Cats can quickly learn, and covering the nature of the cat is the nature of the cat. As long as it is convenient to know in the cat sand pot, the kitten will naturally cover up the excrement.
    Is when the kitten should urinate when the kittens urinate When the place is wrong, don't press its nose to urinate. In this way, it will be attracted by the smell, thinking that it is a fixed "toilet." These places should be completely cleaned to prevent cats from urination again.
    If you teach him to solve it outside the room when you go home, the cat will solve it outside.

    7. Choose for more than three months, and live with the cat mother since birth, and the cat mother is a kitten who will catch mice.
    Generally, when the kitten is a month, the cat mother will bring the dead mouse she caught. Eat home in front of the kitten, let the kitten know that the mouse is food. By two months, the cat's mother will let the kitten start to eat mice. When the kitten knows that the mouse is food, the cat mother will bring it with the mice. The mouse who did not kill home and let the kitten practice grab the mouse. If the kitten leaves too early, no one will teach him these things. The kitten does not know that the mouse is food. How can he catch it?!
    In three months ago, leaving the cat's mother, without the kitten taught by the cat mother, will not catch mice. The child of the mice who will not catch the mouse, even with the mother, will not catch the mouse.
    Therefore, when you buy a cat, it is best to ask people who sell cats. It is best to catch the mouse by the kitten mother, and the kitten leaves the cat's mother after three months.

    8. Others need to pay attention not to drink milk for kittens. There are lactose in milk, and some kittens lack lactose digestive enzymes or lactose enabled, so it is easy to cause chronic diarrhea. Diarrhea. Although not all kittens drinking milk, but for the health of the kitten, it is recommended not to drink milk.

    Cats remove parasites in vitro and in vivo.

    do not take a bath regularly. Generally, about three months or so, because the cat hair has fat, it can be waterproof and dusty. Washing off layers of oil, cats are prone to dirty, and because the skin is dry, it is easy to cause the invasion of skin diseases and parasites.

    It to feed more dry food. It can help molar, remove the food remaining on the teeth. While eating dry food, you should always prepare clean drinking water next to it. Generally, you can eat three to four meals a day. You can also put cat food and water. Will go to eat.

  3. Cats without hedging will be spring when they reach age and season, and you are reluctant to spend money for birth
    The sad cats to grab the cat to grab the mouse is a pet is not a tool
    2 Of course Satisfy your monthly expenses, a 60 -month -old suspended 非 非 非 啃 啃 啃 啃 满 啃
    So I suggest that the landlord does not raise a cat. Don't really raise you, you really can't support it

  4. Stupid, it's better to raise a dog!
    This cats are easy to raise to people who are not close to others. Essence = =
    , but you are sure to raise good cats. Essence
    The I have raised it. Essence I have a good relationship with me. Essence

  5. 1: Cats are generally cheap. If you buy it, you can buy it from 5 ~ 50. My cats are wandering kittens or looking for friends. There are no money. Many cats will have kittens in spring. It should not be difficult to find
    2: If you spend, if you cook for cats, (do not give cats to Wei Jia and joy The composition of the two types of cat food is not very good, and the nutrition is not enough. It is better to cook by yourself.) It is the money to buy cat litter every month. The general cat litter is 15-20 yuan. Essence Cats love to clean. As long as he urinates once in cat litter, he will always pull there, as long as you clean the cat litter every day
    3: Adult cats are alone animals, one It is only okay. Only kittens have groups of living, so you don't have to worry about a lonely one, but if you raise 2, I think your cost will not be enough
    4: If there are other cats at home, It is recommended that you find a kitten for about 2 months. One is to cultivate feelings, and the other is that the big cats at home generally will not bully kitten. If it is a big cat, it may fight
    5: Gong In the case of cats, when the estrus may be peeing, the female cat will be called spring.

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