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  1. Meow Meow Meow has always been a cute and cute kitten.
    The story starts from the quiet summer afternoon. It's normal.
    Who am I?
    I I am a cat, a three -flower cat with medium -length hair, 2 years old this year, female, the owner likes to call me flower seedlings.
    Why are I here?
    It seemed to catch the sparrow on the balcony on the tenth floor, and accidentally fell off. At that time, the wind screamed across my ears, just like flying, the owner rushed to the railing, his expression was frightened and desperate. I worked hard to look up at the end of the sky, and there were birds flying by a group of birds ... Soon, the strong bloody smell stimulated the smell of the smell, and then the eyelids finally couldn't hold it slowly. I don't know anything.
    Since you do n’t know, do n’t think, the cat's thinking is simple, just like a straight line.
    enjoying the beautiful sunshine, eased the pain, and sleeping is the most important thing. I did not expect that there was an urgent call in the ears: "Boss! Boss! How are you okay? ? How did you be hit back to the cat? "
    This sound is really annoying. I shake my ears a few times, changed my posture, and continued to fall asleep.
    did not expect that noise's voice was closer, and it sounded directly in my ear: "Boss! Boss! Wake up quickly!"
    The guy did not expect that I didn't see the trace of people, there was only one crow in front of me.
    The white crow.
    This eyes were open, and he was crooked to look at me with his head crooked: "Boss, I finally found you."
    I'm sorry for my food without eating. Driven by this hunger and excitement, I did not think why the crow would speak human language, but quietly stretched out sharp claws.
    The white crow continues to say happily: "Boss, you and King Dapeng have disappeared after a few days after the war. Now the Ji Xiang Devils forced the door again, asking you to promise to marry her and make trouble. You are almost looking for it. "
    This carefully approached him a few steps.
    The white crow does not seem to find my intention, just continue to call, "Boss, how did your tail stand up?"
    This is because the hunting makes me nervous.
    The white crow continues: "Boss, why are you licking your lips?"
    That's because I am fantasizing about the deliciousness of the crow meat.
    The white crow crooked head and asked, "Boss, why do you stretch your claws? There are no enemies nearby!"
    Because I can't let you run away.
    The white crow hesitated again: "Boss, why don't you speak ... and your eyes are strange ..."
    The words of his words, I quickly rushed over, but did not expect This crow is also very bird. He quickly rolled next to him, and his wings flew up the treetops. He was still in his mouth: "Boss, even if you come to save you late, you don't need to hit me!"
    Because of my vigorous fluttering, the ground cracked the gap and trapped the three -meter -deep pit. I didn't think about how this amazing destructive power came. I just stood at the bottom of the pit and looked up at the white crow on the tree. I was a little annoyed, so I quickly rushed out and climbed on the tree. I did not expect that this time it was too fierce. Two paragraphs, the crow flew up again and fell on the ground.
    I regrets licking your paws and want to rush up again. Unexpectedly, the white crow suddenly turned his body, and a white smoke appeared in the air to cover him. When the smoke dispersed, the crow was gone, and it was replaced by a white boy.

    The catwoman hostess was killed by a car because of a cat. After waking up, the soul went to a pet cat of the driver.
    S awakening when I just recovered from the endless pain, I found someone holding her ears. She felt very uncomfortable. hand.
    "Oh! Damn cat! You caught me!" A coquettish sound sounded in the ear, and then woke up and felt that the ears were pulled down and screamed loudly- "Meow ! "
    meow? Intersection I was shocked to wake up! How can it be a cat? Intersection The eyelids that were very heavy, how could she not work hard, and opened it instantly, and then she was even more surprised to find that she had a pair of feet in front of her! A pair of women, wearing open -toed high -heeled sandals, stained with bright Kou Dan's feet! Moreover, these feet still look so -big!
    "What's wrong?" Before she reacted, what was going on, a nice man's voice sounded at a high place.
    "It's not your cat! Catching me!" The woman's voice suddenly became soft, and the tone was infinitely coquettish.
    "Cats have always been very good, never catching people, did you hurt it just now?" The man groaned.
    "Hey! Forget it, fortunately, we didn't catch the skin, let's go away, here are scary!" The woman said, holding a wake up from the ground. Then, awakened again, she wanted to say, "Don't!" As a result, this sentence became a series of cat barks again. Her frightened eyes, pair of clear and quiet eyes — this man, there is a good look at the man, there is a good look at it The facial features, especially the tight lips, and the corners are clear, but everything looks like that, big! She feels dizzy. She trembled slightly, but all of this was not caused by the man in front of her, but because she -fear of high!
    "Okay, let's go, I see that cats were scared just now, and they will catch you." The man said that he woke up from the woman's hands, which caused a fierce struggle to wake up. Oh my god! What are he doing? How can I treat her so politely? Intersection Treat a lady!
    "Cat is good, don't be afraid, it's okay." The man stroked her gently, coaxing softly, more gentle than the woman's voice. I don't know why, his soothing did not make him feel infringed, but felt that he was being loved. The warm embrace in front of him could depend on and trust. For a while, I was a little lost and forgot to think about my current weird situation.
    I saw the cat in his arms quiet. Although his body was still slightly trembling, it was much better than before. Duan Xuan turned and wanted to leave it. But the cat suddenly became nervous again, bowed up, his pupils began to zoom, and kept staring at the direction. Duan Xuan looked along its eyes and found that it was at the scene of the car accident just now. The slender ankle of the collided woman could still see it vaguely through the crowd of the onlookers.
    Ad Duan Xuan how to understand the feeling of awakening at this time? When she saw the familiar ones and the shoes she put on in the morning, she was like a lightning attack! how come? how come? how come? How can I lie there! Lie on the street where people come and go! So, what is her body now? a cat? Intersection
    Where is the day! She must be dreaming! Still the most horrible nightmare you have ever made! What is more shocking than seeing your body? Wake up, wake up! Wake up and struggle, but helplessly discover this nightmare, and it will break free from waking away anyway.
    "Is your cat crazy?" Wen Feifei also found the weird move of the cat.
    "Don't talk about it, go." Duan Xuan said, regardless of the cat in his arms struggling with mission, he left the street with him. The poor cat must be scared, and Duan Xuan thought.

  2. [Introduction to the content of Chizhiji] Category: Traveling through time and space
    The life is more than, and the practice is endless. It can't be changed. It is the fact that she is a deer demon! So in order to get out of the Great Forest and return to human society, she wants an adult!

    The first time they met, he was five years old, and she was two hundred years old.

    "Come, Xiaolu Er is obedient, let's go!" After a hard work, he seemed to be cute and unswervingly ride her, raised a whip "driving", and shouted.

    . She trembled her calf and wanted to cry without tears: Oh my god, although I am a deer, but I am a dysplasia deer or a mini deer! You can't refer to the deer as a horse!

    . They met for the second time. He was thirteen years old, and she was four years old. She had just transformed into a humanoid.

    The little cool brother who is handsome and unsuspecting

    commented on the star: Samsung half, the female lead crossed the daughter of the nine -color deer, because it was a deer, so although it was deer, it was reserved The characteristics of people, eating meat all day, dressing, and other animals are very different, and they are very lazy and do not like to cultivate, so they are seen by the male lead.
    The subject matter is very new, belongs to the little white text that can be seen when you have nothing to do. But the depth is not enough.
    The character of the heroine has almost no growth. From beginning to end, she is like a child, and she has a little playful attitude towards everyone. Do n’t care about cultivation, but as long as you absorb other Dan Dan, the relationship with the male lead does not feel much deep, but it ’s just for a long time. It’ s interesting to see it at first. However Just jump to see.
    The people who are in trouble may wish to take a look

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