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  1. The wealth cat originated in Japan. Raising his left hand to blessing, it is a male cat, which means that wealth, business are booming, developed, and have the meaning of wealth. Right

    This to recruit money, which is a female cat, indicating that it is blessing, the family is happy and healthy. Raising your hands, it means that wealth and blessings come together. Recruiting cat breasts

    The golden bells in front of them symbolize the meaning of luck, fortune, blessing, and origin. The accessories in the hand of wealth cats generally include Monaku, gourd, goldfish, Baibao bag,

    The meaning of the color of the wealth cat:
    1, gold representative: Wealth Hengtong
    2, yellow representative: concluding good fate
    3, blue representative: prosperity
    4, pink representative representative : Good love
    5, White Representative: Lucky Harmony
    6, Green Representative: Happiness Stability
    7, Black Representative: Evil disasters, blessing Ping An
    8, purple representative: health, beauty r r r r r r r r
    9, red representative: drive disease and remove magic, physical health

    The meaning of the pattern on the wealthy cat:
    1, bell: symbolize operation, origin
    2, cherry blossom: symbolize love: symbolize love , Good luck
    3, Fuji Mountain: symbolize wealth, wealth and fortune
    4, four seasons flowers: symbolize wealth auspicious
    5, Songzhu plum: symbolize peace auspiciousness, strong vitality
    6, fish: symbolize the year of the year There are more than
    7, eggplant: realization of the realization of wishes and ideals
    8, tortoise cranes: symbolize longevity
    9, treasure boat: symbolize wealth
    10, eagle: symbolic ideals and dreams

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