5 thoughts on “What should a cat do not like to take a bath?”

  1. I have experience in this question

    It warm water with a basin before, let the cat go to the pot to wash. But how can a cat obedient! As a result, the clothes were caught by a few holes, and the cat had not washed it. (Cry

    In the doctor how to take a bath for the cat. Summarize the actual combat experience.

    1. Let the cat adapt to the sound of the hair dryer. I usually wash my hair and deliberately open the hair dryer near the cat. It is a reason)

    2. When you want to take a bath, first close the cat into the air box, bring it to the bathroom, and then open the shower to let the cat adapt to the sound of the water flow. Don't rinse the water on the cat.

    3. When leaving the water, adjust the water temperature by the way, and remember to use warm water. Then move the umbrella to the air box, pour it to the area near the air box, and then Then slowly drizzle on the cat. Don't put it out at this time, get it first, wait for the cat's emotions to stabilize, then release

    4. There are two people operating, one person drizzle cat with a flower umbrella, and one person controls the cat slightly and drizzle the water. R n
    5. After washing, first filter the air box to dry water, dry the cat slightly, then put it in the airbox, and take it to the place where the hair is usually blowing. First, let it adapt to the sound of the hair dryer. Then slowly open the aircraft box. You do n’t need to stop, wrap it with a dry towel, and then use a hair dryer to blow the hair. Do n’t turn off the hair dryer at this process.

    The summary: All cats do not like to take a bath. If you want to take a bath yourself, you must be a gradual process. It is best to wash two people, so as not to make the bathroom and himself very embarrassed.

  2. It is normal for cats to take a bath. Cats generally do not like water. We wear protective gear during bathing to avoid being caught. The number of washing is more. It is used to it.

  3. Cats do not like to take a bath because they are naturally afraid of water.
    So when you bathe the cat, talk to the cat, come, take a bath, wash the incense, wash the drift, and wash your neck as much as possible at first, keep your head and finally wash.
    In general, use only water, do not use shower gel.
    Masted with cloth and dry it with cloth. Many cats are afraid of hair dryers.

  4. Hi! Cats are generally afraid of water. You can first put a little water in the pot, pour cat food, and let the cat stand inside to eat. Each time you add a little water, the cat will gradually adapt.

  5. You don't have to wash them often, but you can't help but wash. The number of times to bathe cats should not be too frequent. Generally, short -haired cats are washed once every 3 months, but it is enough for long -haired cats 2 times a month in summer, and once a month in winter.

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